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Assessment and Accountability Update
Chun-Wu Li, Ph.D.
Assessment and Accountability Services
Riverside County Office of Education
January 24, 2014
Accountability Update
High School API
 Technical Design Group (TDG) and Public School
Accountability Act (PSAA) Advisory Committee
recommended to the State Superintendent that the
2014 Growth API for high schools not be produced.
 The State Superintendent supports the PSAA
Advisory Committee’s findings and may bring the
recommendation to the May SBE meeting.
 The first operational Common Core assessment
will be given in the spring 2015. The CDE will use
these results to produce a 2015 Base API.
High School AYP
 AYP will be calculated for high
schools. CDE is in negotiation to
remove API from AYP components for
high schools. Regulations only require
one additional indicator. CA uses
graduation rate as an additional
2013 API
Statewide and Similar Schools Ranks
 The 2013 API Statewide and Similar
Schools Ranks will be produced this
 The CDE will also report out the 3-year
average API score for districts and
 No 2013 Base API scores or 20132014 Growth Targets will be set up.
Title III Accountability
 The preliminary 2013-2014 Title III AMAO 1
and AMAO 2 data will be released to LEAs
for preview on February 13, 2014 (20132014 CELDT Data Review Module opens).
 The CDE is working on new targets for
AMAO1 and AMAO 2 (current targets end in
 The new AMAO 1 and AMAO 2 targets will
be discussed at the May or July SBE
School Accountability Report Card
 SARCs are required to be completed by February 1,
 The CDE has provided three ways for schools/LEAs to
complete SARCs.
1. Use the CDE Developed SARC Web Application
2. Use the CDE Developed Word Template
3. Use a Locally Developed or Vendor SARC
 The CDE has prepared a 9 minute training video, which
can be found at http://www.sarconline.org/Training/Player.html.
Suspension and Expulsion Data
2012-2013 Suspension/Expulsion Data
 LEAs Preview Date: January 23, 2014
 Public Release Date: January 28, 2014
 There were approximately 100,000 less
suspensions from 2011-2012. Of the
100,000 few suspension, 81,000 were
California Assessment of Student
Performance and Progress (CAASPP)
California Technical Assistance Center
 CAASPP Assistance for LEAs during 20132014 school year
California Technical Assistance Center
Phone: 1-800-955-2954
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://californiatac.org/
Smarter Balanced Field Test Update
 Smarter Balanced Field Test
 There is no “waiver” for participating in the Field Test. If a
school/charter school/district does not have the technology
to deliver the Field Test, the LEA should contact California
Technical Assistance and will be assisted in scheduling their
students for testing.
 Students within the same grade level at the same school will
take the same SBAC Field Test Performance Task.
 No SBAC Field Test reports will be generated.
 Access to live and archived training modules for LEA test
and technology coordinators available online at
http://www.startest.org/workshop.html .
 Test administration manual expected to be available in
National Center and State Collaborative
NCSC Pilot Test
 Grades 3 – 8 and 11 English Language Arts and
 Registration is currently open for schools until January
24, 2014
 Requesting additional LEAs to participate in the Phase 1
Pilot/Field Test
 Test administration to occur online, self-paced, and
accessed for understanding
 Spring pilot has been pushed back – possibly April/May
(previously February/March)
 CDE has not determined whether or not to move forward
with NCSC
NCSC Resources
 NCSC Wiki is available at
 Join the CDE NCSC electronic mailing list by
sending a blank email to [email protected]
 NCSC external Web page at
 Frequently Asked Questions for the NCSC Pilot
English Learner Performance Assessment Consortium
ELPAC Update
 On January 9, 2014, the governor released his proposed
budget for 2014-2015. $7,550,000 for the development
of and transition to the ELPAC
 Continue to administer CELDT in 2013-2014, 2014-2015
and 2015-2016
 Reuse the 2013-2014 CELDT forms for 2014-2015
 Plan to have the two new assessments ready for 20162017
 “Pull-data” dates for the SBAC Field Test will be posted on
 CALPADS intends to upload data on a daily basis during the
SBAC Field Test window
 First “pull-date” will be February 14, 2014
 Name, SSID and grade level are most critical
 TIDE cannot be used to update student demographics, only
universal tools, designated supports and accommodations
 LEAs will be able to do batch uploads of Universal Tool info
 Fall 1 amendment window closes February 7, 2014
 Fall 2 deadline February 21, 2014 – This includes EL services
data that will impact LCFF funding counts
 Fall 2 amendment window closes March 28, 2014
 Who checks/reviews “Warnings”
Foster Youth
 CDE is working through the data sets provided
by the Department of Social Services
 Only an aggregate count of Foster Youth will be
provided, not student specific data in 2013-2014
 LEAs may see their Foster Youth aggregate
count within 4 -6 weeks
Assessment and Accountability
Related Items
Reorganization of Assessment Office
 Reorganization of Assessment Office on January 1, 2014
 CAASPP: Jessica Valdez
 CAHSEE and PFT: John Boivin
 CELDT, ELPAC and NCSC: Lily Roberts
 Psychometrics and Technology: Eric Zilbert
 Outreach Coordinator: Deborah Baumgartner