BCN Update

March 2014
BCN Topics
◦ ELA/ELD Framework update
◦ CCSS/ELD standards implementation:
◦ A focus on Disciplinary Literacy
◦ Language Policy and Leadership Office
(LPLO) Update
◦ Federal Program Monitoring
◦ CDE CCSS search features
Disciplinary Literacy
Before, during and after school:
Think and Discuss:
What are your thoughts regarding what
the average day for our students might
feel like?
Language Policy Leadership
Office (LPLO) Update
◦ Title III plans
◦ CDE Biliteracy Program Directory web
page being updated (formerly Two Way
Bilingual Immersion)
Federal Programs Monitoring
◦ Six Cycle A LEAs selected for onsite review
in 2014-2015
◦ Training at LACOE Categorical Programs
Unit 5/22/14
◦ Southern California training: August 6,
2014 (Pomona)
◦ Revised program instruments: Pending
California Department of
Education search tools
◦ Resources for Implementing the Common Core
State Standards/ELD Standards
◦ Barbara Murchison, Administrator, Common Core
Systems Implementation Office
◦ ELD resources
◦ Common Core Search
English Learner Proficiency
Assessment of California (ELPAC)
◦ CELDT still administered in 2014-2015 and
2015-2016 while ELPAC being developed
◦ 2014: Request for Proposals (RFP)
◦ Initial Identification Assessment (IIA)
◦ Fall 2015: IIA stand-alone field test
◦ English Learner Summative Assessment (ELSA)
◦ Spring 2016: ELSA field test
◦ 2016-2017: ELPAC IIA & ELSA operational