Filling out the CDE Report Class

Chemical Defense Equipment (CDE) Report
Here is the breakdown on filling out a Chemical Defense Equipment (CDE) Report.
It is not hard and any MOS can fill it out. Your Supply would be the best person to help you. If you dedicate one month to do
this, it will require very little updates from that point on…i.e Vehicles, Personnel, or new and expired equipment.
Your Unit, Brigade Level, Division
The date the CDE is effective. (Soldiers always forget to change the date. As you can see it says 2010, not 2011.)
MTOE Number/ E (Effective)Date on the MTOE. You can get Supply to print you off a copy.
UIC: You can get that from your Supply, S-1, Operations….or your ERB/ORB.
DODDA: Is suppose to read DODAC. Just change it. Get that from your supply channels.
You need this information to be accurate in order to assign equipment.
Ask either Operations or your local S-1 to get the most update personnel.
8. Read what it says under each item…it should be the MTOE Authorized +5% for this one. So it should be 155 plus 5%: 163 REQ/AUTH
The one posted is wrong, as you can see. Your On Hand (OH) (what you are signed for in your room) can be more or less. Just report what you have. If
you have less, then red dollars signs should pop in the $ Short block. If not, your formula is bad. You fix it or have someone fix it.
Once you are short and item, you should put it on order. Ensure you put the documents numbers at the bottom of the CDE Report, “Shortage Items on
Soldiers don’t read and they just make up numbers…..that’s what causes big problems on the reports. Take your time and do one block at a time.
So it should match the number of M22s you have.
Just divide MTOE Pers (155) by 12.
State in NOTES, that it was turned in for maint.
Double the number of ICAMs you have.
Just for CAMs, not ICAMs
Just divide MTOE Pers (155) by 5.
If you are a HHC for the Battalion, then you are required one.
After your complete, have your commander review it. Then sign it. Keep it on file.
Send excel CDE to your next higher.
Your Level?
CO or BN?