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About Us
• Our mission is to provide products to our targeted
customers with the highest level of satisfaction and integrity.
We will fulfill our goals keeping in mind the mutual
satisfaction and needs of our customers and vendors.
American Omni Trading is a team; we want our customers
and employees to feel like they are part of our team
• History
Our company was established in March 1990 in Addison, Texas, we
relocated to Houston in 1992. We are an International wholesaling
company, selling mainly tires. Our main office is in Houston and we have
another office in Qingdao, China. Our sales markets originally were
located outside of the United States, however today the majority of our
sales are here in the USA. We sell tire wholesalers and retailers and we
sell almost all types of tires. The majority of our sales is in Passenger and
Light Truck tires. We have salesmen located in the territories they serve.
Our company has experience growth in excess of 200% over the past 5
• Future / News
Our future is our customers. We will continue to endeavor to serve them
to the best of our ability. We are also considering expansions on a local
wholesale distribution level as well.
• People
The Houston office is a diverse workforce embracing different cultures
and languages, and currently employs 29 full time employees plus
some college interns.
Our outside sales staff are located in North Carolina, Ohio, California,
Indiana and internationally in Uruguay.
The China office currently employs 7 fulltime bi-lingual employees
located in Qingdao, China.
• Training
We offer a mentor program for all new employees, as well as a wide range
of in house training from software to product knowledge. Employees are
encouraged to take advantage of this variety of learning opportunities
and training in order to further their career and skill development. We
also have an online management training program for all employees to
access, offered through Paychex.
• Departments
Our open-door policy enables employees to interact regularly with all
departments and promotes ongoing and open communication, assisting
employees in their professional and personal growth.
Explore our opportunities in:
Customer Service
Fulltime employees are eligible to enroll in a single or a family plan for medical,
dental and vision. The cost of the single (employee only plan) is a shared cost
between AOT/Employee at 70/30 (after 30 days).
• Medical
We provide quality healthcare through BCBS of Texas. Our plan
currently is a PPO through the BCBS network along with Pharmacy
The dental plan is offered through Dental Select, this plan helps in
reduction of dental cost for the employees and or their families.
• Vision
Administrated by EyeMed Vision, giving discounts on a variety of eye
care services and products.
• 401K
All full time employees with 1 year service are eligible to enroll.
Company match 100% up to 3% and 50% up to 5% of your
contribution. Savings are on a tax differed bases, reducing your taxable
• Flex Spending
An FSA plan allows eligible employees to set aside a specific pretax
dollar amount to use on Unreimbursed medical, dental, vision, and
qualified dependent care.
• Life Insurance
All eligible full time employees are offered basic life insurance which
is 100% of your annual salary. Plus AD&D is included.
• Long Term Disability (LTD)
Offered to all employees at no cost.
Employee Incentive Bonus Structure
Empowerment to perform and make decisions
Accountability on all levels
Basic business processes are taught
Think like an owner!
• Holidays
6 Paid Holidays, plus the Day after Thanksgiving.
• Paid Time Off (New Hires)
New hires will accrue ¼ day of PTO per month for their first year of
Upon completion of one year of employment, employee will be eligible for
PTO per current company policy.
• Paid Time Off (PTO)
Paid time off starts at the beginning of the calendar year, based upon years
of service with the company. PTO cam be used as Vacation, Sick or to take
care of personal matters. PTO does not start until one year of service.
• Balance Works Program
Fully intergraded work/life Employee Assistance Program (EAP) designed
program to help you effectively balance the demands of work and life
before personal problems effect your professional performance. This
program is confidential and offered at no charge to the employee.
Balance Care Program
A time saving benefit that will assist you in fully understanding and
utilizing your health care benefits.
Both of these programs are available through Paychex at
or by calling 1-800-EAPCALL
• Paid day off for your Birthday!
• Employee Recognition
Monthly lunches recognizing Employee birthdays and anniversaries.
• Company Events/Outings
Quarterly off site events and team building exercises. Annual Holiday
Party for employees and guest.
• Casual Work Environment – office hours Monday – Friday 8:30am to