Budget Entry

Nick Clark
Anderson County Board of Education
• Excel version 2007 or newer
• MUNIS user with the same name as used to logon to PC
• The add-on installed
File can be downloaded from the following website.
Budget Roles:
General Ledger Roles:
HR Management / Payroll Roles:
Select the “Get Budget” icon, and information
will be pulled from the default budget
This will pull in all accounts in the default
projection that user has access to view.
You can chose to click the “Refresh GL Amts” Icon to refresh the GL
amounts Only the Original, Revised, Carry Forward, Actual,
Encumbered, and Requisitions columns refresh.
You can click the “Upload My Budget” to upload changes back to the
default projection.
You will get a pop-up window that allow notes to be uploaded
with this upload.
You will get a confirmation stated that your Budget was uploaded.
Handout can be found at
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