Grade 8 visit presentation Oct. 2015

Lorne Park
Secondary School
Grade 8
2015 - 2016
Welcome to Lorne Park S.S.
For most students, high school is a wonderful
Students are given more independence but
with freedom comes responsibility!
Its important that you make good decisions
and choices for yourself
Selecting the right courses and level of
programming is crucial for you to experience
A new world………high school !
Larger school (close to 1100 students)
You are on your own individual timetable
Students work on a credit system in order to
achieve their diploma
Courses in a compulsory area will need to be
repeated if you are unsuccessful in the course
Personal selection of courses
Different course levels are offered
The Ontario Secondary
School Diploma
O.S.S.D. Diploma Requirements
30 Credits 18 Compulsory
12 Optional
40 Hours of Community Involvement
Successful Grade 10 Literacy Test
Compulsory Credit Requirements
4 English
3 Math
2 Science
1 Arts
1 Canadian Geography
1 Canadian History
1/2 Career Studies
1/2 Civics
1 French
1 Health and Phys. Ed.
Group 1
An additional credit in:
Canadian & World Studies,
English, Social Science,
A Second Language,
Guidance, or Co-op
Group 2
An additional credit in:
Art, Business, Phys.Ed,
A Second Language
or Co-op
Group 3
An additional credit in:
Science (grade 11/12),
Technological Education,
Computer Studies, French
or Co-op
The Grade 9 Program
Eight Courses including:
Six Compulsory Courses
Physical Education
The Grade 9 Program
Optional Courses
Choice of two:
 Business
 Drama
 Instrumental Music for Experienced Players
or Instrumental Music for Beginners
 Visual Art
 Vocal Music
 Exploring Technologies or Creative Technologies
Grade 9 Courses
Three types of courses
 Applied
 Academic
 Open
Applied and Academic courses:
English, Mathematics, Science,
Geography and French.
Open level courses are:
Drama, Visual Arts, Music, Business,
Technological Studies and Phys. Ed.
Applied and Academic
Applied Courses
Emphasize practical,
concrete applications
of concepts
Are more teacherdirected
Smaller class size
Pathways to College
and Workplace
Academic Courses
theoretical, abstract
applications of the
essential concepts
Have greater
opportunities for
independent learning
Pathways to
University, College
and Workplace
Applied and Academic Courses
Both set high expectations for all students
Both focus on essential concepts of the subject
Both prepare students for the grade 10
Literacy Test
Both can lead to either Applied or Academic
programming in grade 10 (except for Math)
Success in grade 9 academic mathematics is
required to take grade 10 academic
Applied or Academic?
The focus should be on success!!
Consider your learning style, learning
strengths, and areas for growth
Differences between courses include emphasis
and pace
Students may take applied courses in some
subjects and academic courses in other subject
Open Courses
Offered in many subject areas
Based on expectations suitable for all
Combine theory and application
Prepare students for further study in grade
10, 11, and 12 courses
Pathways to University and College
Students who plan to go on to university should
take the majority of their courses at the
academic level.
However, students who plan to go to university
may take some of their courses at the applied
level. e.g. Students who take applied level
math may go on to university into a program
that does not require math as a prerequisite.
Students who plan to go on to college should
take the majority of their courses at either the
applied level or academic level.
Grade 10 Literacy Test
Administered in April of Grade 10
Evaluates your reading and writing skills
to the end of Grade 9
Results are reported only as “complete” or
Test may be rewritten the following year if
Students failing the test twice are eligible to
take a literacy course
Grade 9 Mathematics
NOT a diploma requirement
Evaluates achievement of your grade 9 math
Administered near the end of your grade 9
mathematics course and used as part of
your final course evaluation
40 Hours Community
You are encouraged to complete this
diploma requirement early
Students may start any time after
completing grade 8 (July 1, 2015).
School provides Volunteer Activity Record
Forms to be completed by the student
Parental support and monitoring are
Extended French Program
Only students in an Extended French Program in both
grade 7 and 8 are eligible for the Extended French
program at Lorne Park S.S.
Students in French Immersion continue at Clarkson S.S.
for the French Immersion Program.
French Immersion students living inside the Lorne Park
boundary may attend Lorne Park to take the regular
English Program. Written requests for admission to
our Extended French Program will be considered, based
on availability.
French Immersion students living outside of the Lorne
Park boundary may apply on a Flex Boundary
application to attend Lorne Park for the regular English
Enhanced Program
Only students who have been identified by
an I.P.R.C. as Gifted are eligible for the
Enhanced Program at Lorne Park S.S.
Students in the Enhanced Program must
take all 4 of their core subjects at the
enhanced level: English, Math, Science and
All other subjects are taken at the academic,
applied or open level.
Choose Wisely
Selecting inappropriate courses may cause you to
be frustrated, unhappy and unsuccessful!!
Due to availability we may not be able to make
course changes at a later date
Access all available resources:
 Course descriptions are available online at
MyBluePrint and the PDSB website
 Discuss and ask questions of teachers, and
guidance counsellors
 Please consider the recommendations of
Online Course Selection
Students receive a course planning sheet
that includes teacher recommendations and
online course selection instructions
All course selections are completed online
through your MyBluePrint account
Once course selections are completed
online, you must submit your course
planning sheet and your parent signed
verification form to your school.
Hover your
cursor over the
course box (do
not click) and a
red ‘X’ will
appear. Then
click the ‘X’ to
remove the
Add a course
to your plan by
clicking on
‘+ Course’.
1. A plan that meets
all graduation
requirements will
result in the
checkmark shown.
2. Submit your plan
by clicking ‘Submit’
Note: Only your next year
grade courses will be
submitted even if multiple
years have been planned.
Submit your courses
by clicking ‘Confirm
and Print’.
A pop-up window
may appear, click
‘OK’ to finalize the
submission of your
Note: Be sure to review your
course selections as you will not
be able to change your selections
in myBlueprint once submitted.
Easing the move to High School
Class visit to Lorne Park S.S. (October)
Our Mentors talk to you about the school, answer
questions and take you on a tour. They discuss:
Extra curricular programs at Lorne Park
A typical schedule of a Lorne Park student
Give an overview of our Mentor program
Grade 9 Orientation Day (the week before school)
 You pay your student fee,
 You receive your schedule, agenda and student card
 You have your picture taken for the yearbook and
student card
 You go on a tour of the school
Mentor Day - First week of school we run
interactive and fun activities for grade 9's.
You will meet the Mentors assigned to your
homeform class
Mentor Program – The Mentors assigned to your
class will assist you, if needed and do activities
with your class throughout the year
See you in September !
If you have any questions please contact our
Guidance Office at Lorne Park or speak to
your teachers and guidance counsellors at
your home school
Remember Option sheets due November 7
to Lorne Park
Secondary School
Who are Mentors?
What do we do?
Registration (student fees and student IDs)
Timetable and Agendas
Tours of the School
Parent Assembly
What do we do?
Mentor Day
Mentor Program
Mentor Monthlys
Study Skills
Anti-Bullying Sessions
Grade 9-Mentor Dodge-Ball
A Mentor Captain Christmas
Winter Wonderland Dance
Generally, just look at our shirts:
Guidance Counsellors
• How do you get one?
• What do they do?
• How can you access their help?
• EXTRA HELP- tutors, help rooms
• Community Service Hoursmay start after July 1st, 2015
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