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The companies below are longlisted for the Dutch FinTech Awards
From now on, your bills will be
sent directly to your inbox on any
device. No more deposit transfers
that end up in a drawer, no more
losing bills. AcceptEmail makes
paying bills easy!
Adyen is a leading provider of
omni-channel payment solutions.
By operating from a single,
Internet-based platform we make
it easy for businesses to accept
payments worldwide.
BUX is a trading app which
brings the fun back into finance,
by making trading extremely
straightforward and more
accessible than ever. With BUX
you can experience the excitement
of the stock exchange.
Want sustainable consumer
behavior and compelling results?
AdviceGames offers breakthrough
data-driven games and gamified
service apps reducing risk and
outperformance on ROI and NPS.
BackBase has created the
world’s leading lean customer
experience platform, designed
to help you organize, create,
and manage deeply relevant
customer experiences across
all channels, on any device.
Basecone is Your Document Hub.
Real-time, easy and efficient
invoice processing and document
workflow. Seamless integration
with leading accounting applications and ERP systems.
Bell ID develops chip lifecycle
management software that
enables banks, governments
and enterprises worldwide to
issue and manage credentials
on mobile (NFC) devices and
(EMV) smart cards.
At BitStraat we believe in simple,
fast and professional Bitcoin
acceptance. With the specially
designed BitStraat POS terminal
you get a complete solution for
straightforward Bitcoin acceptance
in your business.
Cloud 9 offers companies various
solutions that visibly improve
the operational result. With the
products of Cloud 9 a professional
order to cash process is well
within everybody’s grasp.
ClubCollect is a platform which
enables clubs to collect their
membership fees online. We offer
club members the possibility to
pay their membership fee in instalments while the club receives
the total membership fee at once.
CXO-Cockpit aims to give the
CFO and Executive Office back
control over business performance
through its unique financially
intelligent web-based and mobile
reporting and communication platform for Oracle, SAP and Tagetik.
With Declaree expense management software it’s easy to report,
approve and analyse expenses.
Declaree offers expense reporting
using mobile apps, saving you
time and money. Streamlined,
secure and cost-effective.
Worldwide there are 2 billion
people that have jobs, but no
bank account. dopay offers
financial services to these
workers through their employers.
CashOrCard POS is a true
omni-channel point of sale for
physical stores. Free to download
and use, globally available on iPad
or Android, and already integrated
with your favourite payment
solution providers.
Interactive Continuous Monitoring Auditing and Reporting
Equidam is a data-enabled
technology that helps small
businesses to track their
valuation over time. Compute
and understand the value of your
business and create a stunning
report in less than 30 minutes.
Equistor is a web-based
platform designed to manage
strategic initiatives effectively
and provide real-time insight
into portfolio performance, with
program management and
advanced value tracking.
By rewarding safe drivers for
their safe driving, Fairzekering
wants to encourage a lot less
road accidents happening. Less
accidents means less damage,
which results in lower premiums.
Five Degrees is a core banking
technology provider offering
The Real Alternative to banks
wishing to serve their customers
different: faster, at lower cost,
more transparent, from any
device, with more insight.
Flinqer is a profitable financial
network for buyers and suppliers.
Flinqer gives insight into the status
of invoices and the possibility to
get paid immediately. Flinqer;
Making Cash Flow.
InvoiceSharing is the financial
services marketplace on top of
100% free electronic invoicing.
We deliver higher revenues,
lower cost and better cash flow.
We believe that sharing makes
companies successful!
ISEEMORE provides near realtime financial and operational
company data 24x7. This allows
you to improve and stabilise your
competitive position within your
market segment. ISEEMORE is the
tool for continuous monitoring.
cloud4banking is a financial
intelligence management system
for businesses that work with
multiple banks and in multiple
countries. cloud4banking is
the centralised Cloud solution
between ERP and Banks.
Knab is revolutionizing banking
by involving customers and their
needs in product development.
This online-only financial institution focuses on transparency, innovative application of technology
and social consciousness.
Komparu is the SaaS solution
for any company interested in
generating revenue from high
traffic websites through the
integration of very fast, reliable
and fully customizable price/
product comparison tools.
Leapfunder helps startups to
find early stage financing from a
larger number of investors. We
offer advice and financial tools
allowing a startup to attract Angel
investment with simple online
transaction execution.
Monyq wants to free people
from out-dated banking by
empowering them with simple
financial tools: a mobile
document archive, a smart
debit card and a personal
financial timeline.
The primary product of Newviews
is a SaaS solution for automated
invoice processing and payment
authorisation. Newviews atomizes
the continuous flow of invoices
ensuring a more efficient
business management.
Ohpen is a ‘bank-out-of-the-box’
and offers a fully integrated,
multilingual, multi-devices, front-,
mid- and back-end solution for
investing in mutual funds and savings accounts including hosting.
Owlin turns News into Actionable
Intelligence. Owlin’s algorithms
work around the clock to turn
raw news from 700.000 sources
across the world into insights that
can be used.
PayPlaza develops and supplies
unique smart payment solutions.
We take it as our mission to offer
a secure, innovative and flexible
payment platform to a wide variety
of market parties.
Payvision, an independent payment solutions provider specializing in global card processing for
the ecommerce market. We offer
a secure, international payment
processing platform, enhanced
with innovative technology.
payXpert offers innovative online
payment solutions to optimize our
client’s revenues and to minimize
risk. We look for adapted online
payment solutions to give our
clients the best prices.
Sign2Pay provides a secure
and convenient mobile payment
method that allows consumers
to use their touchscreen device
to pay with their bank account
number and personal signature.
Sophiq is an innovative
software platform that enables
you to smartly manage
governance, risk and quality in
programs and value chains.
SNTMNT is a financial sentiment
analysis startup. Our signals
help investors to evaluate and
monitor their portfolio as well as to
originate profitable trade ideas.
Symbid is an online (crowd)
funding network that helps
investors, entrepreneurs and
startups come together in a safe
and secure online eco-system.
Our mission is to democratize
investing for everyone involved.
Our mission is to support clients
with strategic scenario based
economic stress testing and
with quantitative and qualitative
analysis of the performance of
their asset portfolios.
The Moneyer is a Personal
Finance Management platform.
Our mission is to provide our
users with the best possible tools
and data to analyse their finances,
plan their future and make better
Treasury Services structurally
improves the bottom line of its
clients by cutting their costs
and improving their efficiency in
finance. Our Bank Independent
Cash Pooling Solution serves as
an example of our solutions.
TREFI delivers online tools,
enabling the SME to improve
its company risk profile through
real-time information and control
over its revenue streams. As such
TREFI can finance the SME with
fewer risks and lower costs.
Vitrius is the central platform
for secure and intelligent
communication between
entrepreneurs, fund managers,
and their investors. Managing
investors has never been so easy
and rewarding as with Vitrius.
Sparkholder delivers real-time
financial analytics about SME
companies. We use these
analytics to connect entrepreneurs
with investors, banks and crowdfunders in order to increase the
success rate of a company.
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