13-15 JANUARI 2015
Öppen för: Professionella yrkesverksamma dansare
Tidpunkt: Lab och workshop mellan 11.00 - 15.00
Plats: Skånes Dansteater studio, Östra Varvsgatan 13 A, Malmö
Workshopen arrangeras i anslutning till en föreställningskväll på Inkonst den 14/1, 2015
Workshopen sker i samarbete med Skånes Dansteater och Danscentrum Syd samt i samverkan med Inkonst
Foto: Ben Dowden
Foto: Herman Sorgeloos
Foto: Hugo Glendinning
Foto: Alastair Muir
Writing Dance med Jonathan Burrows
Choreographer Jonathan Burrows leads a three day intensive workshop investigating
choreographic and compositional process, performance and philosophies, questioning how a
dance can be made and what it might communicate to someone watching. Practical work will
concentrate on short task-based exercises looking at how to find material and work with time, to
hold the attention of an audience and make them care what happens next. Days will be
punctuated also with viewpoints on other mediums and ways of working, asking all the time
what dance can do and what it can't do.
This workshop is for dance and performance artists and professionals with experience of
performing and making, who are interested in re-examining and extending their own process and
Jonathan Burrows was born in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England, 1960. Soloist with The Royal Ballet (19791992). Performed with the Rosemary Butcher Company (1986-1999).
Burrows is currently engaged with an ongoing body of duets made with composer Matteo Fargion, which began in
2002 with Both Sitting Duet, followed by The Quiet Dance(2005), Speaking Dance (2006), Cheap Lecture (2009), The
Cow Piece (2009), Counting To One Hundred (2011), One Flute Note (2012) and Body Not Fit For Purpose (2014. The
two men have now given over 300 performances across 31 countries.
He is a visiting member of faculty at P.A.R.T.S and has been Guest professor at universities in Berlin, Gent, Giessen,
Hamburg and London. A Choreographer’s Handbook was published by Routledge in 2010 and has sold 6,500 copies
to date and been translated into German and Slovenian. He holds an Honorary Doctorate from Royal Holloway
University of London.
Sista anmälningsdag är den 15 december 2014
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