Answered Carribean Imperialism Study Guide Notes

United States Imperialism
SE’s: 4A, 4B, 15B, 15C, 15D 19E, : Explain why significant events, policies, and individual such as the Spanish
American War, US expansionism, Henry Cabot Lodge, Alfred Thayer-Mahan, Theodore Roosevelt, Sanford
Dole, and Missionaries moved to the U.S. into the position of world power. Evaluate American expansionism
including acquisitions such as: Guam, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico. Explain how foreign policies affected
economic issues such as: Chinese Exclusion act of 1882, Open door policy, dollar diplomacy, immigration
quotas. Describe the economic effects of international military conflict including the Spanish American War
on the United States. Evaluate the pros and cons of U.S. participation in international organizations and
United States Imperialism
Big Stick Diplomacy: was the slogan describing President Theodore
Roosevelt's corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.
U.S. had the right not only to oppose European intervention in the Western
Hemisphere, but also to intervene in the domestic affairs of its neighbors if they
proved unable to maintain order and national sovereignty on their own.
He used the Great White fleet to show U.S. Naval Superiority around the world.
United States Imperialism
Roosevelt Corollary: Under Roosevelt, the U.S. adopted the role of
policeman for the Western hemisphere.
“If a nation..keeps order and pays its obligations, it need fear no interference from
the United States. Chronic wrongdoing… in the Western Hemisphere… may
force the United States, however reluctantly… to the exercise of an
international police power.”
United States Imperialism
Dollar Diplomacy =
is the term used to describe the
efforts of the Taft administration
when it used trade agreements
and American investments as a
weapon to achieve foreign policy
Used primarily in Latin America
and East Asia.
United States Imperialism
Spanish American War
1898 = American interests in
Cuba combined with “Yellow
Journalism” sensationalizing
events in Cuba and the
sinking of the U.S. battleship
Maine led to a declaration of
war against Spain in 1898.
The war resulted in America’s
emergence as a world power
with colonies of Puerto Rico,
Guam, and the Philippines.
(Cease Fire
1898 = Spanish American War
United States Imperialism
• Henry Cabot Lodge =
A Massachusetts Senator who
supported American Expansion as
a world power. He worked for the
Panama Canal and naval bases to
support world trade.
“Small states are of the past and have no
future… The great nations are rapidly
absorbing for their future expansion and their
present defense all the waste places of the
earth. It is a movement which makes for
civilization and the advancement of the race.
As one of the great nations of the world, the
United States must not fall out of the line of
Henry Cabot Lodge, “Our Blundering Foreign
Policy,” March 1895
United States Imperialism: Panama Canal
• It provided for a quicker water route between the industrial centers of the
Eastern U.S. and markets on the West Coast and in Asia. This caused a
movement to build the Panama Canal which was completed in 1914.
United States Imperialism: Panama Canal
The Panama Canal: made travel faster and shorter from Atlantic to Pacific
Ocean and increased possibility of trade and movement. Built on the isthmus
of Panama because it was the most narrowest piece of land across the
Americas. It was completed in 1914
United States Imperialism: Panama Canal
Building the Panama Canal created a U.S. presence in Panama until
1999. and its initial work led to engineering discoveries and
medical solutions to problems of malaria and yellow fever.
United States Imperialism
Theodore Roosevelt =
used big stick diplomacy, dollar
diplomacy, and the Great White
fleet to increase United States
influence around the world.
Taking these policies as a whole,
Roosevelt turned America into a
world power and a major player in
global affairs.
United States Imperialism
World Power:
is what a country becomes when it shows
off its power either militarily, economically
or controlling natural resources and is
considered a very influential player in world