Spanish-American War Preconditions

Spanish-American War
• U.S. need for new markets for goods
• Monroe Doctrine establishes U.S. as North
American police force (1823)
• Manifest Destiny and expansionism
• Missionaries believe U.S. has moral obligation
to expand
• Patriotism and nationalism and desire to
expand American values
• U.S. sympathy for Cubans vs. Spanish
Spanish-American War
• Cuba as a geographic extension of the U.S.
• Sugar industry desires Cuba for increased
• Yellow journalism of Joseph Pulitzer and
William Randolph Hearst
• Increased U.S. confidence from expanding
• Social Darwinism of Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge
• Naval race among the great powers
Spanish-American War
• President James K. Polk implements Monroe
Doctrine during Mexican War & Oregon fight
• Spain seizes Dominican Republic despite
warnings from Sec. of State Seward (1861)
• U.S. stares down France in Mexican
sovereignty crisis, renewing Monroe (1867)
• U.S. seizes Midway Islands (1867)
• US vs. Germany over Samoan Islands (1889)
• Eleven Italians lynched in New Orleans (1891)
Spanish-American War
• Seal hunting dispute near Alaska with Canada
Venezuelan border disputes with Britain cause
Pres. Cleveland to issue warnings (1890s)
Hawaii is annexed by U.S. after coup (1898)
Jose Marti launches Cuban rebel attacks from
U.S. soil (1895)
Spanish kill thousands and imprison more in
Pres. McKinley elected, pushes for Cuban
independence (1896)
Spanish-American War
• “Butcher” Weyler makes concentration camps
• Congressional resolution to recognize Cuba
• Spanish minister insults McKinley (1898)
The U.S. Maine explodes in Havana harbor
(February 15, 1898)
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