How Did Hitler Come To Power

How Did Hitler
Come To Power
Hitler’s Rise To Power
Based on Many Factors
Resentment of the German People
Weakness of the Weimar Republic
Terror of the Stormtroopers
Brilliant Speeches
Why Did Hitler Come To
• Long Term Bitterness
– Anger about WWI and Treaty of
• Ineffective Constitution
– Many people wanted a return to a
Why Did Hitler Come To
• Money
– Many wealthy businessmen gave Hitler money
to run his propaganda and election campaigns
– Henry Ford- Ford Motors
• He had a picture of Ford in his office
– Union Banking Corporation
• George Bush’s great-grandfather was president of the
Why Did Hitler Come To
– WA Harriman and Co.
• American shipping and railway company
• George Bush’s grandfather was VicePresident
– Irenee du Pont
• Head of General Motors
• Advocated the creation of a super-race by
spinal injections to enhance children of “pure”
Why Did Hitler Come To
• Propaganda
– Persuaded German masses to believe
that the Jews were to blame and that
Hitler was their last hope
• Programme
– He promised everybody something so
they supported him
Why Did Hitler Come To
• Attacks on Other Parties
– Stormtroopers attacked Jews and people who
opposed Hitler
– People kept quiet because they were scared of
being murdered
• Personal Qualities
– Brilliant speaker
– Good organizer
Why Did Hitler Come To
• Personal Qualities
– Driven
• Economic Depression
– U.S. calls in it’s loans and German
economy collapses
– People wanted someone to blame and
Hitler provided that for them
Why Did Hitler Come To
• Recruited by Hindenburg
– Offers Hitler post of vice-chancellor
– Hitler refuses
– Thought they could control Hitler and
made him Chancellor- they were wrong
• Hitler did not TAKE power- he was
given it.
Beliefs of the Nazi Party
• German Worker’s Party started by Anton
• Hitler joins and soon becomes leader
• Developed a 25 point programme
• Were nationalists (believe in Germany’s
• Were socialist (believed the state should
benefit everyone equally)
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