Water Hammer Presentation

Water Hammer
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Where Water Hammer Occurs
• In any water supply line, hot or cold
• Will be more pronounced in biphase* systems
• Examples of biphase applications are heat
exchangers, tracer lines, steam mains,
condensate return lines, and pump discharge
*Systems that carry water in two states, as a liquid and as a gas
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Damaging Effects of Water Hammer
Thermostatic Elements
Overstress Gauges
Crack Trap Bodies
Rupture Fittings
Collapse Floats
Over time repeated stress on the pipe will weaken
to the point of rupture
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Conditions causing water hammer
• Hydraulic Shock
• Thermal Shock
• Differential Shock
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Hydraulic Shock
Visualize what happens at home when a faucet is open
• 100 Pounds of Water
• Moving 10 feet per second
• Equaling 7 miles per hour
• Shut Suddenly…. Equaling
• 100 Pound Hammer Stopping
• “Bang” “Bang” “Bang”
• 600 psi Shock Wave
• Reflecting Back to Forth until
energy is dissipated
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Thermal Shock
This Kind of Shock is Temperature Related
• Flash Steam Bubbles become
Trapped in Pools of Condensate
• Flooded Main, Tracer Line, Heat
Exchanger Tubing or Pumped
Condensate Return
• Condensate will be below
saturation causing immediately
• 1 pound of steam equals 1,600
times volume of water
• Causing a vacuum in all
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Differential Shock
Steam flowing over condensate can create waves
• Velocity of Steam is 10-100 times greater than the velocity of liquid
• Steam moving over the condensate will start manufacturing waves
• Waves will grow until they block the pipe completely forming a “Slug”
• Steam cannot flow through the sealed condensate wall, thus causing
positive to negative pressure zone from the back to front of the “Slug”
• Stopping only when suddenly impacted by equipment, tee, elbow,
valve, or any bend in the piping
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David M. Armstrong
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