Culture Shock

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Culture Shock and its
Settling In …….
 How are you feeling?
 Everything is fantastic because you are
overseas? Take a reality check!!!!
 Examine your expectations:
* What did you expect?
* Was this reasonable?
Culture shock …
Cultural shock:
• is a “normal” reaction when we are
confronted with unfamiliar
surroundings and environment
Symptoms of Culture Shock
Excessive Sleep
Compulsive eating/drinking
Frustration with new ways of doing things
The Process of Adjustment
Source: AusAID
• Coping with Culture Shock:
• The first step in coping with culture shock is just
knowing WHAT IT IS?
• During your stay in Queensland, remember to look
for any signs and take it seriously.
• But remember it is a NORMAL reaction to life in a
new country.
More Solutions
• There are other ways in which you can cope:
Get to know the host culture and your host family
Don’t expect everything to be perfect
Have an open mind
Talk about it with staff at school or your host family
Keep in touch
Keep mentally and
physically fit
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Enjoy Australia