Compass Rose

Map Components
• Compass Rose – Shows True North.
Can be very ornate sometime
appearing as a rose. Other
compass roses can be as simple as
an arrow with the letter “N” for
• Legends / Keys – are symbols used to explain
the multiple features of a map.
Scale – Converts comparative distance
from actual measurement to one
corresponding the much smaller map.
Scales will often show distance converting
miles and kilometers (KM).
Latitude – (Also called PARALLELS) are imaginary
lines on a map going east and west. These lines are
used for measuring distances NORTH and SOUTH of
the EQUATOR. These lines measure 90 degrees
north and south of the equator (there are 180
degrees total).
Arctic Circle 661/2
Tropic of Cancer 23 1/2
Equator 0 degrees
Tropic of Capricorn 23 1/2
Antarctic Circle 66 1/2
Longitude – (Also called Meridians) are imaginary
lines on a map passing through the north and south poles.
These lines are used for measuring distances EAST and
WEST of the PRIME MERIDIAN. These lines measure 180
degrees west and east of the Primer Meridian (there are
360 degrees total).
Hemisphere – divides the Earth into two
halves. The Prime Meridian divides the Earth into a
Eastern and Western hemisphere and the Equator
divides the Earth into a Northern and Southern
Grid System – series of intersecting lines of Latitude and
Longitude on a map used for plotting Absolute Location.
You will have a freehand World Map Quiz on
the date listed on the board. The following
will be required:
• Grid system
– Label degrees of Latitude in
increments of 30
– Label degrees of Longitude
increments of 60.
• Continents (label all 7)
• Oceans (label all four)
• Compass rose
• Legend / Key
Prime Meridian
International Dateline
Tropic of Cancer
Tropic of Capricorn
Arctic Circle
Antarctic Circle
In groups of two map to scale the
classroom using rulers. Then figure
the best scale to fit on 8 ½ - 11
typing paper. Include all the map
elements just discussed (compass
rose, legend, scale, grid system
with Prime Meridian, Equator and
lines of latitude and longitude.
Maps must be colored.