Create your own political party

Active Citizens: Political Parties
How many UK political parties can you name?
Do you know which political party each of these symbols
is for? Conservatives
Green Party
Active Citizens: Political Parties
Your teacher will allocate your group one of the political
parties. Attempt the to answer the following questions:
1. Who is the leader of your party?
2. Do you have many MPs?
3. What are your party’s main policies?
Active Citizens: Conservative Party
1. Who is the leader of your party?
David Cameron
2. Do you have many MPs?
Largest party in parliament with 303 MPs
3. What are your party’s main policies?
Reducing the deficit so we deal with our debts, safeguard our economy for the long term and keep mortgage
rates low.
Cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty to help hardworking people be more financially secure.
Creating more jobs by backing small business and enterprise with better infrastructure and lower jobs taxes.
Capping welfare and reducing immigration so our economy delivers for people who want to work hard and
play by the rules.
Delivering the best schools and skills for young people so the next generation can succeed in the global race
Active Citizens: Labour Party
1. Who is the leader of your party?
Ed Miliband
2. Do you have many MPs?
Currently the second largest party with 257 MPs
3. What are your party’s main policies?
Fairer taxes - cut taxes for 24 million people on middle and lower incomes by introducing a lower
10p starting rate of tax. We will restore the 50p rate of tax for those earning over £150,000.
End rip-off prices on energy bills - freeze gas and electricity bills until 2017
Help people get on the housing ladder - build the homes Britain needs by getting 200,000 homes
built a year by 2020.
Support working parents with the cost of childcare - give working parents 25 hours of free
childcare for three and four-year-olds per week.
Active Citizens: Liberal Democrats
1. Who is the leader of your party?
Nick Clegg
2. Do you have many MPs?
56 MPs, currently the third largest party in the House of Commons
3. What are your party’s main policies?
Working to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.
Finish the job of balancing the books, on time and fairly.
Raise the personal allowance to at least £12,500, cutting people’s taxes by an extra £400.
Invest to make the UK a world leader in low carbon cars, energy efficiency and hi-tech manufacturing, and
continue the Regional Growth Fund to back growing businesses.
If we want a world class education system, then early years and colleges need to be properly funded too.
The Liberal Democrats would protect education spending from cradle to college."
Active Citizens: UK Independence Party
1. Who is the leader of your party?
Nigel Farage
2. Do you have many MPs?
2 MPs (Mark Reckless and Douglas Carswell)
3. What are your party’s main policies?
• Leave the EU and save at least £8bn pa in net contributions.
• We will extend to EU citizens the existing points-based system for time-limited work permits. Those
coming to work in the UK must have a job to go to, must speak English, must have accommodation
agreed prior to their arrival, and must have NHS-approved health insurance.
• Scrap the HS2 project which is uneconomical and unjustified.
• Abolish Inheritance Tax
• No new subsidies for wind farms and solar arrays.
Active Citizens: Green Party
1. Who is the leader of your party?
Natalie Bennett
2. Do you have many MPs?
One MP (Caroline Lucas)
3. What are your party’s main policies?
• Oppose austerity. There is an alternative – investment in a low carbon economy, creating real jobs
of the future.
• Turn the national minimum wage into a genuine living wage so that everyone can put food on the
table and pay the bills.
• Build truly affordable housing, and stop demolishing existing homes.
• Scrap the welfare cap to ensure that we can truly help the poorest and most vulnerable in our
• Enforce a cap on bankers’ bonuses and reduce the pay gap between those at the top and those at
the bottom.
Active Citizens: Plaid Cymru
1. Who is the leader of your party?
Leanne Wood
2. Do you have many MPs?
3 MPs (Elfyn Llwyd, Hywel Williams and Jonthan Edwards)
3. What are your party’s main policies?
More powers for the Welsh Assembly. In the long term, Wales can flourish as an independent nation and
full member of the European Union.
Fight for the rights of Welsh speakers, and for the preservation of the Welsh national identity.
Plaid Cymru recognises the invaluable contribution that migrants have made to Wales. They celebrate
tolerance, mutual understanding and difference.
Active Citizens: Scottish National Party
1. Who is the leader of your party?
Nicola Sturgeon
2. Do you have many MPs?
6 MPs
3. What are your party’s main policies?
Independence for Scotland, staying in the European Union.
In government the SNP has restored free higher education by ruling out tuition fees and
abolishing the £2,300 graduate endowment
Abolished prescription charges, saving people with long-term illnesses an average of
more than £180 and scrapped charges at all NHS-run hospital car parks.
Active Citizens: Quick Quiz
1. Which party currently has the most MPs? The Conservative Party
2. Natalie Bennett is the leader of which political party? The Green Party
3. Which party wants the UK to leave the European Union? The UK Independence Party
4. Which party has pledged to increase the tax paid by those earning over £150,000 a year?
The Labour Party
5. Which party wants to protect spending on education ‘from cradle to college’?
The Liberal Democrat Party
6. What is the name of the party that wants Wales to be an independent country?
Plaid Cymru
Active Citizens: Election Broadcast
Imagine that you are employed by the party allocated to your group by your
You have been asked to produce a party election broadcast to get your
party’s key message across to the public.
In your group, decide what is your key message?
How could you get this message across to the public in a two minute film?
Prepare your broadcast and then present it to the class.
Active Citizens: Political Spectrum
People sometimes talk about different parties as being ‘left-wing’ or ‘right-wing’.
Does anyone know what these terms mean?
The terms "left" and "right" appeared during the French Revolution of 1789
when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the king
to the president's right and supporters of the revolution to his left.
Active Citizens: Political Spectrum
Today, parties on the left tend to support higher taxes and more government spending.
Political parties are described as right wing if they want less government spending and
lower taxes.
Where would you place the political parties on the political spectrum?
Active Citizens: Create Your Own Political Party
In your groups you are now going to create your own political party.
1. What will be your policies?
2. Who will be your leader?
3. What will be your party’s name?
4. Will you be left-wing or right-wing?
5. Could you design your party logo?
6. Could you produce materials to promote your party? Posters, leaflets,
manifestos and election broadcasts
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