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Presentation at the
Workshop on
Renewable Energy of Experts and Policy Planners from ASEAN countries
“Wind Power Technology in India”
at Delhi
5th November 2012
• Only country to have a dedicated Ministry for New and Renewable
• Potential 100,000 MW – can go up to 200,000 MW
• Investment friendly policies of MNRE and financial arm of IREDA
• Capacity addition in the next 5 years – 15,000 MW and can go up to
25,000 MW
IWTMA – Association of Technology Providers – Turnkey
solution – Key drivers of the wind market.
We thank the support of MNRE, C-WET, IREDA, Regulatory
Authorities and State Nodal Agencies.
IWTMA is recognized in policy discussion and intervention
for a sustainable growth.
The manufacturing capacity (IWTMA Members + Others) is
around 10,000 MW per annum.
The range of turbines is a small from 250 KW to 2.5 MW.
The manufacturing companies in India are Indian Companies
with Technology transfer, wholly owned subsidiaries, Joint
Venture Partnership and license for Global exploitation.
• The technology covers from Stall Turbines (fixed speed) to
Pitch, Doubly Fed Induction Generators (DFIG), Direct Drive
with Electro Magnetic Generators and Permanent Magnetic
• Turbines are suitable for Class-II and Class-III wind sites and
currently for low wind regimes.
• Hug heights up to 100 Meters and Blade Diameter up to 100
Meters have been achieved.
• Achievement of rated wind power from the old 18 mtrs. per
second is now 10.5 to 11 mtrs. per second
• Accent on localization of components suitable for Indian grid
and climatic condition. In-house manufacture – eg. Blades,
Towers, Direct Drive Generators and Converters.
• Complimenting C-WET in Wind Resource Assessment
Programme and creation of power evacuation and
infrastructure to help state transmission companies.
Recent Happenings
• Technology of turbines to harness energy at sites having a wind
power density below 200 Watts / M2
• Co-operation with National and State Load Despatch Centres in
short term forecasting and scheduling.
• Repowering – Utilization of best land for maximising generation.
• Refurbished old turbines for exports to countries with wind power
start up programmes.
• Integration of Southern Grid with National Grid by 2014
• Integration of wind and solar project of 200 MW with evacuation of
150 MW.
• Staggering bills of Oil, Coal and Gas – Wind is certainly an
• Judicious mix of wind and other renewables will help the
country towards energy security.
• NAPCC target of 15% by 2020 require over 7500 MW per
• 7000 Kms of coastal line – opportunity for exploiting offshore – activities taken by C-WET
• Storage solution to energy
• Wind is recognized today as an integral part of energy
• Predominantly in rural areas it has changed the socio
economic fabric of the society.
• Creation of rural employment – a potential in all wind states
• India can offer rich experience of wind energy programmes
to Asean countries inclusive of technology transfer.
• Request all guests to be a part of Wind Power India 2012
happening at Chennai showcasing technology and a high
power conference on various opportunities and challenges
to the stakeholders.
Thank you !!