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There is no greater priority than the safety of each and
every employee of Staffaid.
For this reason ALL employees must ensure 100%
compliance to all Safety and Industrial Hygiene policies and
procedures at whatever Client location they are assigned.
The Life Threatening Programs listed below have been
created upon decades of experience and unfortunately loss
of life.
Cardinal Safety Rules are rules that have been identified as
posing serious or fatal potential if not followed.
Personnel working within a
defined high gas hazard area
shall sign in and have a
properly bump tested /
calibrated personal gas
Personnel working above the
bustle pipe on an operating
(wind on) last furnace shall
utilize an SCBA.
Personnel working within
a defined hot metal, steel
or Zinc coating area shall
utilize proper personal
protective equipment
such as aluminized or
Norfab 900 clothing.
Personnel working at an elevation
of 4 feet or more above ground
level that is not protected by a
standard handrail
shall utilize
proper personal fall protection
Personnel needing to use personal
fall protection equipment shall be
trained and authorized prior to
performing work.
Personnel shall be trained and authorized prior to operating an EOT crane.
Personnel boarding an EOT crane shall follow established procedures for
communication and boarding.
Prior to working on a crane runway, at an elevated position that may come in
contact with the crane, or utilizing mobile equipment that can extend into the path
of a crane, personnel shall ensure all affected cranes are properly isolated.
Crane operators shall not carry a suspended load over any person.
Personnel working on the floor shall not put themselves into a position where they
are working under a suspended load.
Personnel working on equipment or
machinery shall ensure that it has been
properly isolated, a zero energy state
verified and their personal lock is
securing the energy source.
Intentionally altering or bypassing a
safety device or guard is prohibited.
Personnel shall never remove anyone’s
personal safety lock without following
established lock removal procedures.
Personnel shall be trained and
authorized prior to operating
mobile equipment.
Personnel shall wear a seat belt
at all times when operating
mobile equipment and ensure all
safety devices are operational
prior to operation by completing
a pre-operation checklist.
Personnel shall be trained and authorized prior to operating
rolling rail equipment.
Personnel shall never work or place materials within six feet
of the nearest rail nor travel under, over or between rail
equipment without first getting authorization and ensuring
the track has been properly protected.
Personnel shall be trained and
authorized prior to entering a
confined space.
Prior to entering a confined
space personnel shall ensure
the necessary energy isolation,
atmospheric monitoring and
appropriate permit has been
completed and signed off.