Term 1 Newsletter

Milesmark Primary School
Term 1 Newsletter
Aiming MILES high to make our MARK
What’s New This Term?
Welcome to what we hope will be an excellent
year at Milesmark where the staff and
children will work together to achieve all that
we are capable of. We are Aiming Miles high to
make our Mark!
At the end of last term Miss Angus was appointed
to the post of Depute Headteacher on a permanent
basis. We wish her continued success at Dunnikier
We are delighted to welcome Miss McPherson as a
permanent member of staff at Milesmark.
Miss Harper has joined our staff for her
Probationary year, she will teach P6/7 supported
by Mrs Kilpatrick.
All classes will receive workshops from the SPCA
this term.
P5/6 will have a music specialist input on a
Wednesday till Christmas.
Our Eco week will take place week beginning
Monday 9th September. We will be looking for
recycled materials throughout the week for a
variety of activities so “start collecting!”
Information and Blogs about Eco Week will be
posted on Makewaves. You can access this sight via
www.makewaves.es/milesmarkprimary. We would
also welcome your comments on the posts and
activities. To do this you will need to supply your
name, email address and enter the code that comes
up on the screen.
Children will take part in Masterclass activities on
Friday 4th October in the afternoon.
We are welcoming 9 new P1 children to Milesmark this
year. They will be in school mornings only for the first
2 weeks and start full time on Monday 26th August.
We will be holding Parent Interviews at the end of
this term to update you with the progress your child is
making in class.
Eco Council
Eco representatives will be elected this term and we
will be working towards our second green flag.
Last term our school won a competition run by Eco
Schools and Keep Scotland Beautiful.
The Eco Council will co-ordinate the activities
throughout Eco Week
Pupil Council
Each class will select a pupil to represent them on the
Pupil Council this year. The Council will meet each term
to take forward ideas on improvements we can make at
Just to remind you that the cost of a School Dinner is
£1.75 per day or £8.75 for the whole week.
If you still need to order and pay for milk then the
cost is £6.84 for the term, please pay for this at the
Just to remind you that children are not permitted to
wear nail varnish in school and that all jewellery must
be removed or covered with tape when taking part in
physical activities.
Milesmark Primary School
Term 1 Newsletter
Health and Well-Being
How you can help
Football – Garry and Mr Thomson will be holding
trials this term for the football team and they will
try to arrange some games before the winter
We are always keen to have helpers in class. If
you feel that you could spare an hour one day per
week then please contact myself regarding this.
The Parent Teacher Association are always
looking for new members to take forward
fundraising activities in school. They do a
fantastic job and funds raised help to finance
class outings and activities.
The PTA is hosting the Annual BBQ on Friday 30th
August from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. Tickets will be
available to purchase soon
Dates for your diary this term
Fri 23rd Aug
Mon 26th Aug
Fri 30th Aug
Fri 30th Aug
P1 lunch
P1 Start full time
P1 Parents Induction 2.30 pm
BBQ 6.00-8.00pm
Parent Council Meeting 6.45pm
Fri 13 Sept Eco Sharing afternoon 2-3pm
Wed 25th Sept Parent Interviews
Mon 30th Sept Parent Interviews
Mon 2nd Oct Shared Start 9-9.30 am
The Parent Council meet once per term and are
instrumental in making suggestions on improving
the learning experience for children at
Milesmark. If you would like to become a member
of the Parent Council please contact myself or Mr
Douglas Adam or Ms Jennifer Partridge.
Dates for next term
Mon 9 Sept
School finishes on Friday 4th October 2013 at
3.00 pm for two weeks holiday.
Monday 21st October
Children return to school
Friday 15th November In Service Day
Tuesday 17th December Christmas Nativity (evening)
Friday 20th December School closes at 12 pm for
Christmas Holidays. School
returns 6th January 2014.
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