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Multi faceted multi instrument
Since its inception in 2006, MoonArra has
performed at major festivals in India,
significant overseas international festivals,
corporate shows, pub shows, art galleries,
clubs, museums, outdoor, sporting events,
product launches, wine tasting and specialty
food tasting events etc.
Blending the distinct and rich styles of
Hindustani, Carnatic, jazz and other world
sounds, MoonArra’s performances are a heady
combination of soulful melody, rich vocal
textures, pulsating beats, searing solos,
interactive – a musical performance that’s
never harsh and always unwinding at the end
of a long day
Our dynamic performances on stage are often
interspersed with popular Indian or western
songs on request – with our own special
On requirement MoonArra also does
workshops, lec dems, etc. to enhance existing
skills in all age groups
Newsworthy Performances
Performance - Spellbinding
Performed at major festivals in India – Bengaluru
Habba, Fete De La Musique in Ahmedabad,
Chennai and Bangalore, Mad Festival Ooty, Jagriti
Festival of music and Dance, Fireflies Festival,
BSM JazzFusion festival, Delhi International Jazz
Specially invited to perform overseas at Java Jazz
Festival Indonesia 2009, Bangkok Jazz Festival
2010, opening of Liitle India inauguration by PM
Manmohan Singh in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Its members have individually toured and
performed at festivals overseas in Canada, USA,
Spain, Ireland, Turkey, London, Norway, Germany.
As MoonArra and individually we have performed
corporate shows all over India for major
corporate clients and repeat performances for
quite a few clients in the IT, Telecom, Hotel,
publishing, airline, banking and product
Guest musicians and artistes are often and can be
added as per the requirement/request of clients
–eg. Ghazal, sufi,film music, western retro,etc.
MoonArra - profile
Jagadeesh M.R – Guitars and Oud. Honed over three
decades Jagadeesh’s styles range from mellow classical
to jazz and rock influenced sounds as he switches from
playing the nylon acoustic guitar to steel electric or world
sounds with the Oud. Jagadeesh also ‘scats’ to add to
the vocal dynamics of the group.
Madhuri – With her deep tonal vocal quality Madhuri
seamlessly moves between genres but focusing on jazz,
Indian classical and world feel varying with each
composition, be it vocal or instrumental.
Prakash Sontakke – Easily the most recognisable face of
slide guitar in India today and internationally, Prakash
Sontakke brings a rich classical Hindustaani tradition with
his evocative slide guitar playing and vocals – and
playing western genres with effortless ease. His
increasing forays into Bollywood and other film music
brings in the nuances of popular culture.
Karthik Mani – Playing a wide variety of percussion from
the Ghatam, khanjira, drums, the Peruvian ‘Cajon” and
with his fiery ‘Konnakol” (art of vocal rhythm) Karthik
leaves audiences gasping for more as he interacts and
coaxes them into joining him in an impromptu Konnakol
‘game’ or musical math!
Wilson Kenneth – Playing the electric bass guitar, Kenny
as he’s known holds a solid groove and engineers the
audio on stage and constantly works with alternative
bands in studio and on stage
Pet Projects
Also customise small scale
productions and curate small and
large scale festivals for music and
arts foundations,
organisations/institutions, etc. for all
age groups on request.
Currently working on a large scale
production involving music and
related arts (multimedia) aiming at
bringing together fine performing
and applied arts.
Also customise requests made by
philanthropists or charities or NGOs
who support causes or to spread
awareness or raise funds.
Thank you
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