PPT VIPR - National Homeland Security Association

Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response
Daryl Shanley
Assistant Federal Security Director –Law Enforcement
Federal Air Marshal Service
Port Columbus International Airport
 What is it?
 Who runs it?
 Under what authority?
 Who participates?
 What does it target?
 The good
 The bad
 The ugly
 TSA Program
 ATSA (Aviation and Transportation Security Act) created
TSA and it’s authority in the transportation sectors
 The Aviation and Transportation Security Act was
enacted by the 107th United States Congress in the
immediate aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks. The
Act created the Transportation Security Administration
(TSA) within the U.S. Department of Transportation.
However, with the passage of the Homeland Security Act,
the TSA was later transferred to the Department of
Homeland Security.
 TSA Duties as defined in ATSA
 Additional Duties and Powers.--In addition to carrying out
the functions specified in subsections (d) and (e), the Under
Secretary shall-- ``(1) receive, assess, and distribute
intelligence information related to transportation security;
``(2) assess threats to transportation; ``(3) develop policies,
strategies, and plans for dealing with threats to transportation
security; ``(4) make other plans related to transportation
security, including coordinating countermeasures with
appropriate departments, agencies, and instrumentalities of
the United States Government; ``(5) serve as the primary
liaison for transportation security to the intelligence and law
enforcement communities;
 Modes of Transportation
Mass Transit
 TSA serves as a “facilitator” and “force multiplier”
during VIPR operations
 National coordination and program support occurs at
the TSA Joint Coordination Center in Washington D.C.
 TSA Office of Law Enforcement/Federal Air Marshal
Service has primary operational control
 23 dedicated VIPR teams housed at various FAMS field
 In addition to Federal Air Marshals, TSA Behavior
Detection Officers (BDO) and Transportation Security
Specialist-Explosives (TSS-E) are assigned to VIPR
 Explosive detection K-9s, PRND, undercarriage
inspection cameras may also be available
 VIPR Teams coordinate with local law enforcement
and transportation security partners to conduct VIPR
operations at all modes of transportation
 Each team member exercises their own unique
authority during a VIPR operation
 Primary goal
Provide a random, unpredictable, visible deterrent
We can all agree that both terrorists and criminals conduct
various levels of surveillance on a “target” to gain insight
into security procedures, weaknesses and vulnerabilities
 Mass Transit
 Commuter/intra-city bus systems
 Commuter/intra-city subway and rail systems
 Inter-city bus (Greyhound)
 Inter-city rail (AMTRAK)
 Large scale events covered by VIPR operations
 Major sporting events-intel suggests terrorists consider
major sporting events to be high value targets
 Presidential Inauguration
 Presidential/VIP visits
 Local VIPR success stories
 Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
Dedicated police department (GCRTA PD) with Anti-Terror
Unit (started out as two officers and a Sgt)
Light and heavy rail commuter system with a large,
underground central hub (Tower City)
Numerous bus shelters co-located in the center of downtown
“Public Square”
“Healthline” transiting the healthcare corridor
 Local VIPR success stories
 Central Ohio Transit Authority-Columbus
Provides shuttle bus service to major sporting events such as
Ohio State Football (100,000-150,000 spectators)
 Shuttle bus service to within 1 block of stadium (chokepoint)
Red White and Boom (Columbus July 4th celebration)
 Shuttle bus service into downtown, staging adjacent to the
Off duty Columbus Police Officers provide law enforcement
 Local VIPR success stories
 Cleveland and Toledo AMTRAK
Major lines servicing Chicago, NYC and D.C
Usually four trains (two eastbound, two westbound) per night
Toledo AMTRAK station is serviced by a Greyhound bus stop
 Local VIPR success stories
 Toledo Area Transit Authority
Off duty Toledo Police Officers
Several bus stops adjacent to federal offices and state and local
 Local VIPR success stories TMI????
 Coast Guard and Ohio Dept of Natural Recourses
marine patrols on Lake Erie (International Border) and
Ohio River
 CSX and NS rail yards
 Army Corps of Engineers, USCG, Ohio EMA, ODNR
Watercraft, lock and dam system along the Ohio River
(classified as one of the largest inland ports in the US)
 Ohio State Highway Patrol motor carrier (commercial
truck) inspections
 Natural Gas pipeline and compressor stations
 Lessons learned
 ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS coordinate with, and have
local law enforcement and law enforcement stakeholder
(AMTRAK PD, NS, CSX PD, etc) present
Georgia AMTRAK
Tennessee motor carrier stops
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