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Retail Presentation 2014
Introduction: About E-Liquids
The KiK collection offers a range of sleek, stylish vaping machines, MODs
and accessories complimented by our menu of e-liquids. With 77 flavours
and 3 strengths, we stand out from any competition. We are dedicated to
delivering the best taste through using 100% organic and natural flavours
built to suit the British palate. Over 300, 000 of our regular users love every
flavour we have adapted overtime.
All KiK products have been designed with our customer in mind, creating
simple, attractive and high quality products for their complete enjoyment
encouraging strong brand loyalty.
The Market
10 million smokers in the UK
2.1 million people now regularly vape equating to 20% of smokers
Growing 40% year on year
E-liquids are taking volume from traditional electronic cigarettes
Estimated value over £300
million by 2015
23 million Europeans have already tried vaping
7 million people are vaping in Europe
86% of vape users would not smoke cigarettes after switching to vaping
Why KiK?
100% organic and natural ingredients (flavouring)
Cost effective for consumers boosting return custom..80%
cheaper than branded cigarettes and 40% cheaper than
traditional electronic cigarettes
E-Liquids taking volume from traditional electronic cigarettes
Huge variety with 77 flavours in 3 strengths
Longer lasting battery life than competitors
99% of 300 SKUs at Supreme Imports are always in stock
Incomparable quality
Attracts vast market offering two ranges of KiK Elite E-Liquids
and our premium KiK Gold European E-Liquids
KiK Ingredients
What are our e-liquids made of?
Our e-liquids are only made up of three components…
Nicotine is a stimulant responsible for the
dependence forming properties of tobacco
smoking. KiK delivers different levels of
nicotine strength allowing the consumer to
choose from 11mg, 16mg and 24mg. The
higher the nicotine content, the stronger their
throat hit.
Crucial for adding delicious taste. Customers
enjoy the sheer variety of flavours KiK has to
offer ranging from authentic tobacco to tropical
fruit flavours. Every flavour is 100% organic
and natural to guarantee e-liquid perfection
and high quality.
Propylene Glycol (PG): A clear, syrupy liquid
chemical compound. It is safe for human
consumption and can be found in numerous
products we eat and pharmaceuticals we use.
In e-liquids, it acts as the vehicle for flavour.
Vegetable Glycerine (VG): A natural glycerol
made from vegetable oil. This ingredient can
be found in pharmaceutical, medical and
personal care products. It is used as a
moisture regulator, emulsifier and solvent.
E-Liquids v Traditional E-Cigarettes
Why are E-Liquids better than Traditional E-Cigarettes?
With so many flavours to choose from e-liquids
offer far more variety to consumers than any
traditional -cigarette.
Customers are motivated by the cost savings
with 1 bottle equating to 4 disposable ecigarettes.
Throat Hit
Users are impressed by a more intense throat
hit on inhalation compared to traditional ecigarettes.
Battery Life
An even longer battery life than traditional ecigarettes driving more sales.
Easy to re-fill and re-charge.
Shelf Life of E-Liquids
2-year shelf life compared to the limited 6-month
shelf life of an e-cigarette.
Offering three strengths including 11mg, 16mg
24mg to satisfy all the vaping needs of users.
Dissecting a KiK E-Liquid Bottle
KiK presents their menu of traditional,
authentic tobacco blends and selection of
desirable fruit, confectionary and beverage
vaping flavours. Our e-liquids are available
in 77 flavours and three strengths. They
only use 100% organic and natural
ingredients. Every flavour is manufactured
to an incomparable quality replicating real
flavours encouraging ultimate customer
More Key Features:
• Metal nib for ease of refilling
• KiK Elite E-Liquid Properties- 70/30 mix of
propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine
• KiK Gold E-Liquid Properties- 80/20 mix of
propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine
• 2 year shelf life
Metal nip to assist filling
the clearomizer
Expiry date
Child proof
safety caps
Tactile triangle
for visually
Shrink wrapped bottles
No leakage,
Tamper Proof
Waterproof labels
Vape 01 and Vape 02
Vape 01
• Original vapour starter kit
• 650mAh Grade A Battery
• Platinum Core Battery Cell Technology
• 6 battery colours to choose from
• CE4 Clearomizer
Vape 02
• Newly developed vapour starter kit
• Impressive 900mAh Grade A Battery
• Platinum Core Battery Cell Technology
• Available in Brushed Chrome and Black
• Advanced KiK Protank with changeable coil
• Convenient USB charger
Dissecting Vape Kits
The Vape 01 starter kit provides an ideal
introduction into the new lifestyle changing world of
vaping. The Vape 01 is sleek in design and practical
for everyday use featuring a delivery system that
regulates the flow of liquid to provide the ultimate
vaping experience.
Tab includes
euro hang
Plastic ergonomic
Each model is powered with a 650mAh battery
enabling approximately 6-8 hours of regular use
and is constructed with robust sustainable
components to maintain performance and reliability.
The clearomizer (combined atomizer and cartridge)
holds around 1.6ml of e-liquid.
Key Features:
E Cigarette size: 130x14mm
Weight of Cigarette: 34g
E liquid content for CE4 Clearomizer: 1.6ml
Content of Battery: 650mAh
Charging Voltage: 3.4V-4.2V
Charge time: 3-4 hours
Battery Capacity: 6-8 hours
Life of Battery: 200 cycles/charges
8 individual cotton
threads to regulate
intake of liquid and
prolong clearomizer
LED Click
Click 5 times to
activate battery
Clear instructions
on reverse of pack
Branded, full colour
acetate packaging &
product Content
KiK Accessories
Huge variety of KiK Accessories to compliment the Starter Kits
• CE4 Replacement Clearomizer- With a 1.6ml tank
can select
from 4 colours including
KIK presents
menu of traditional,
of desirable fruit,
and clear
confectionary and beverage vaping flavours.
• Vape 01 Replacement Batteries- Made using Platinum
Core Cell Technology, these batteries have 650mAh
capacity and are available in black and silver
• USB Charger Replacement- Built for both the
Vape 01 & Vape 02 to attract users wanting vaping
CE4 Replacement
Vape 01
Replacement Batteries
to the highest
• KiK ProtankA stylish
popular tank
with 1.8ml capacity
properties for consistency and combines the best
of ingredients
to simulate realCoilsflavours A
andpack of
• Protank
enjoy the vaping experience.
replacement coil in high demand as they are quick, simple
and easy to use
USB Charger
Protank Replacement
Press Releases
Retail Solutions
KiK’s in-store Perspex Display
Stand is stylish and eye-catching.
The tidy and compact design
ensures it can fit perfectly into any
retail space.
Products are also accessed from
the reverse of the display to
prevent theft.
Perspex Display Stand
Retail Solutions
KiK’s Counter Top Display Unit is available as a
single pre-filled or empty unit. It can hold up to
60 e-liquids and display 18 Vape 01 products.
Counter Top Display Unit
KiK offers free posters, mugs and other
promotional materials with all orders that are
KiK Retail Poster
KiK Flavours
With 77 flavours and 4 strengths to choose from in the Elite E-Liquid range, KiK has a
smooth and full-flavoured e-liquid for everyone.
KiK Elite E-Liquids Range
KIK Gold is our more premium range of e-liquids
using ingredients sourced from the UK, France and
KiK Gold
KiK Elite
KiK Television Advert
KiK Advertisement
Launch in October 2014
Terrestrial and satellite stations
£900,000 budget
Mass coverage of target audience
Seen by am estimated 75% of adult
6.5 average exposure per adult
Specific to current vapours and
Vapes and E Liquids
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