Solar street lights (Integrated Battery)


Solar street lights

(Integrated Battery)



As per central and state government guidelines every gram panchayat in India has to be installed with solar street lights

Under these scheme a certain design of solar pole has been declared by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE)

Those design prove deficient and unpractical, which has resulted in billions of rupees loss to the country

Deficiency in existing systems



• Battery provided needs maintenance, which not feasible in rural areas

• Battery installed on the poles are generally stolen

Deficiency in existing systems




Government declared rate contract policies are pro-corruption

After sales service is zero

Deficiency in existing systems



CFL employed in those lamp die out quickly and is not replaced due to lack of service

Heavy rains,

Cyclone usually damage the components


As we have observed, existing solar street lights are highly deficient and are unreliable

They require maintenance which not possible in rural areas due to lack of skilled labor

Cost of implementing those solar lights are extremely high

Introduction to Integrated Battery

Solar Street Lights

(only panel & lamp are visible)

Introduction to Integrated Battery

Solar Street Lights

This solar street lights are designed and manufactured by Reliance

Solar Energy™, Ratnagiri

It overcomes all the deficiency imposed by the existing deficient solar street lights

Qualities; Integrated Battery

It has integrated battery, same as mobile phones

Integrated battery

It can’t be stolen

It has zero maintenance

Qualities; Efficient, Long lasting lamps

LEDs are employed, hence long lasting

85 watts equivalent lux is produced, as compared to 11

CFL watts in existing installation

There is a integrated computerized control hence efficient operation


All the equipment and components are safely enclosed and hence are nor liable to damages caused by the climatic variations

The cost of the implementation is the lowest and hence reduces the margin of corruption


As observed, we can clearly conclude that this is the best solution to current problems faced by solar street lights

It is cheap, reliable and efficient

It will create a revolution in renewable energy sector

It will illuminate rural India with happy faces

Thank You

Reliance solar energy ™, Ratnagiri