PM Fundamentals

Project Management
Dr. Michael Featherstone
PM Fundamentals
PM Fundamentals
Project Life Cycle
5. Requirements
Project Life Cycle
Project Life Cycle
Project Life Cycle
PIBOK Five Processes
Initiating Process
Planning Process
Executing Process
Controlling Process
Closing Process
PM Fundamentals
PM Fundamentals
PM Fundamentals
PM Fundamentals
PM Fundamentals
PM Tools – MS Project
SimProjectTM rewards participants who develop a coherent strategy for managing their
project from start to finish, who plan their approach and stick to that plan.
Are they consistent with the strategy you have chosen in developing and managing the
project team throughout the simulation?
Develop a strategy and stick with it—Consistency may be “the hobgoblin of small
minds,” but indecisiveness and changeability are worse. Make a plan for attacking this
simulation and then work the plan. It may require fine-tuning, you may initially make some
incorrect assumptions and alter your plan, but a consistent strategy is always preferable to
simply trying a series of “hit or miss” guesses hoping to get lucky.
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