Key Points of each slide - Start your own business opportunities in

The Objective of the 5 Point Presentation
1)To recruit Leaders to join the business with a
Business Builder package.
2)To recruit Retail Customers to purchase both the
ageLOC Galvanic Spa Package or an ageLOC
Transformation set.
3)To teach the 5 Key Points of any business
showing how Nu Skin matches up perfectly.
4)To teach the Financial Logic behind the
How to Give a Great Presentation?
1)Tell them what you are going to tell them
2)Tell them
3)Tell them what you told them
Flow of the 5 Point Presentation
You will be introduced and edified by the Emcee.
You will start by telling your STORY to warm up the crowd. Let
them get to know you (2 Min. Max).
Complete the entire presentation in no more than 30 minutes.
Follow the Slide #’s below:
You will start by describing that we are launching the North
American Market right now.
Tell them you will cover the 5 Key Points.
Each slide has the name of one of the 5 Points in the upper left
hand corner, remind them where you are in the presentation
Now go through the 5 Point Presentation and teach them the key
point of every slide. Follow w/Flipchart.
Key Points of each slide
#1- Welcome Screen – no discussion
#2- We are expanding rapidly – create urgency
#3- Quickly read all 5 Points. Tell them to follow along
#4- NuSkin did not make the Anti Aging market. We
just identified it. Growing dramatically
#5- Driven by a rapidly aging population globally
#6- Now on Pt #2 Products. Must have 3
characteristics. Make Visual Change, impact
emotionally, these drive consumption
#7- Teach Galvanic technology- Electric current is key.
NSE has 2 patents on this. Make point no one else
can put galvanic in palm of your hand
Key Points of each slide
#8- Show actual galvanic results. Make the point that all
men should use it as well. Make up and Skin Care are
two entirely different things. Get the men here.
#9- Just show the slide. You get the women here.
#10- Show hands – discuss age spots and look of hands
giving away your age.
#11- Transition slide to ageLOC technology – NSE strikes
at sources that cause Aging – not just signs and
symptoms like everyone else.
Key Points of each slide
#12- Discuss the identification, and resetting of Youth
Gene clusters (only NSE).
#13 – Show before & after – note this is only 90 days of
#14 – Show before & after – note she used Galvanic for 6
months before ageLOC.
#15 – Show pictures – note 7 days and 60 days in the 2
after pictures. Ask how many years younger these
women look? Just wait for the crowd to comment.
Key Points of each slide
#16 – Now on PT # 3 – Partnerships. 1 is with NSE. 2 is
with OTG S7S. Describe each point briefly. Tell them
they can prove all these points to themselves because
we are publicly traded and information is freely
#17 – Discuss Nu Skin being a Force for Good in the
world. Now approaching 180 Million meals provided
world wide. Read Blake Roney’s statement out loud.
#18 – Now on PT # 4 – Compensation. Teach only 1% at
65 Yrs old are Wealthy.
Key Points of each slide
#19 – Teach how the 1% achieved their Wealth. Make
the point that most of us are not Drs. or Lawyers or
CEO’s or super sales persons or entertainers or
athletes, but we can all be owners of our own
businesses. 74% were. This is our best chance to make
#20 – Show the 3 types of businesses you can own. Show
them why building a network is the only logical option
for those wanting upside but avoiding large risk.
Key Points of each slide
#21 – Show the average income at Ruby, Diamond & Blue
Diamond. Describe it in MONTHLY amounts. Ask if it
would be worth 5 or 10 years of working Nu Skin to
arrive at Diamond or Blue Diamond income? Ask if
they are there now? Not likely.
#22 – This comparison is powerful. It shows that Nu Skin
is the company poised to really grow over the next 5 to
10 years. Just read the slide to them
Key Points of each slide
#23 – We are now on PT # 5 Timing. Timing is everything.
Show where they are right now in 2010. Show where
we are going in the next 5 to 10 years. If we do $5
Billion in revenue Nu Skin will pay out over $2 Billion in
#24 – Time to tell them what you told them. Read the 5
Key Points again. Tell them they will never see an
opportunity with all 5 points completely addressed like
the Nu Skin opportunity does. Encourage them to
Key Points of each slide
#25 – This is the closing slide. Talk about the Business
Builder package 1st. Tell them there is no business they
can start for less than R15,000 that has all these
components. Tell them to do it now. Don’t
procrastinate. Next explain that if all they want is to
use the products they can purchase either an ageLOC
Spa package or an ageLOC Transformation package for
R3,150 from the person who brought them to this
Now go back to the Business Builder package and ask
them to buy it again. Explain it.
Key Points of each slide
The balance of the slides are informational. You can
address their questions about the compensation plan
briefly with slide # 26. If they want more detailed
information then you can refer to the Drive to Ruby
Duplication Model in the back of the Flipchart.
You can refer to other product packages with Slides #27
to 28.
How You Know You did a Good Job
1)You see people breaking into small groups in the
2)You see product packages being sold.
3)You see people writing down sponsorship
details and calling Nu Skin’s toll free # on their
cell phones to place Business Builder orders
4)You have lots of people come up and ask you
5)You hear lots of talking and the decibel level
goes way up in the room.
How do you do a Big Meeting
1)Start with a small meeting first – 2 or 3 people.
2)Get a Flipchart and learn to use it.
3)Teach yourself the presentation by GIVING it
many times.
4)The more you present the 5 point presentation
the more confident you will become.
5)How do you overcome a fear of standing in front
of a crowd? You get up and just do it over and
over again.
6)Set a goal to give 15 presentations a month