Phase One Market Launch PowerPoint

Doing Business in Argentina
Market Launch
June 20, 2011
Direct Sales in Argentina
• #17 of Direct Selling Billion
Dollar Markets
• $1.15 billion (USD) in Sales
• 731,000 sales people
Market Launch
How to do Business in Argentina
Distributors and
Customers in Argentina
Region-wide call center: 0-800-3330511
Earn commissions
Distribution Facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Enrolling Yourself or a
New Distributor/Customer
4 Ways to Enroll Yourself/New Customer/Distributor
1. Online enrollment through
2. Toll-free Enrollment through 0-800-3330511
3. Fax to 0-800-3330518
4. Email scanned copy of Distributor Agreement Form
[email protected]
*information needed to enroll click here
Documents available at
Beginning June 20, 2011
Placing an Order
Three Ways to Place an Order for
Distributors and Customers
1. Online through
2. Toll-free via 0-800-333 0511
3. Fax Order via 0-800-333 0518
Payment Methods
Tarjeta Shopping/tarshop
Pagos en Efectivo
Pago Facil
Dinero Mail
Initial Products
Introductory assortment of personal care products including:
ageLOC Galvanic Spa EX
ageLOC Galvanic Spa
Galvanic Spa Facial Gels with ageLOC
Galvanic II Body Shaping Gel
ageLOC Elements
ageLOC Radiant Day
ageLOC Transforming Night
ageLOC Gentle Cleanse & Tone
ageLOC Future Serum
Tru Face Essence Ultra
Tru Face Line Corrector
Receiving Your Products
Once your order payment is received, your order will immediately be
electronically sent to our Distribution Partner in Buenos Aires. Your
order will be shipped direct to your home or office within two to five*
business days, depending upon location.
*shipping rates vary by province
Receiving Customer Service
Receiving customer care is
simple through Nu Skin’s
world-class customer
service center, located in
Provo, Utah.
Our staff of over 68 Latin America Support team members
provides support for Distributors in all of eight Latin American markets.
In order to receive Distributor/Customer support, simply dial 0-800-333
0511 or send an email to [email protected]
Earning Commissions
Distributors in Argentina will earn commissions on all
product sales, as well as fast-start payments on select
packages of products, sold in Argentina and anywhere
in Nu Skin’s 52 countries
—all paid to you in Argentine pesos.
Commissions will be
direct-deposited in each
Distributor’s bank
account monthly.
Required information for commissions:
1.Tax category
(Responsible Inscripto or Monotributista)
2.Turnover tax condition
(local or multilateral and in which provinces)
3.Turnover tax ID#
7.Invoice (Factura)
ADR in Argentina
Distributors and Customers in
Argentina will be able to
experience Nu Skin’s industry
recognized programs such as:
•Automatic Delivery Rewards:
exclusive pricing and product credits for longterm product purchase commitments
Incentive Trips
•Ruby Trip– all expense paid trip to
company headquarters for new qualified
•Blue Diamond Trip– all expense paid trip
to company headquarters and meet with
company and distributor leadership for all
new qualified Blue Diamonds
•Team Elite Trip—all expense paid trip to
a major resort destination for all annually
qualified Team Elite Distributors
Commitment to
Latin America’s Success
“We look forward to being able to offer the Nu
Skin unparalleled opportunity with our future
partners in Argentina. On behalf of Nu Skin’s
management team, we are committed to provide
our partners with an incredibly rewarding
business opportunity, innovative products and an
enriching and uplifting culture”
Scott Schwerdt
Americas, Europe and South Pacific