`The best training I`ve ever had`

‘The best training I’ve ever
‘That was awesome.’
‘I feel that I am now able to face
my problems’
‘Every member of staff should go
on one of these retreats’
• ‘As a manager for a number of years, I felt
more valued as a member of staff by this
than anything the Trust had provided
The retreat has totally focussed
me, stopped me feeling inadequate
and I am passionate about making
a difference to the quality of life for
people with a learning disability
Sickness episodes have halved in
the year since I went on the retreat
compared to the same period in the
previous year, which I am
especially pleased about
considering I have a chronic
physical problem
The retreat benefited me as it
made me think more about what I
wanted from life both at home and
at work.
I hadn’t been sleeping much at all
only two to three hours a night
which did affect my work. But after
the retreat and up to now (18
months later) I have had a full
night’s sleep 95% of the time. I
don’t know why??”
The Retreat put work life balance
into perspective and to work in the
moment and not dwell on what
might happen. I have a good sick
record as a result of the time off on
the retreat”
I am happy to endorse the retreat
any time – words cannot say or
quantify the benefits
The retreat had a beneficial impact
on my work and ultimately for
service users”
The retreat has reduced my stress
levels and given me a more
positive outlook on life
Overall I am more relaxed and
have not had time off sick due to
stress/anxiety since the retreat”
I learnt a lot from the retreat. It set
me off on a path to become more
It is fair to state that I learnt a lot from the retreat. It set me off on a
path to become more grounded. I began to know what I wanted from
life. I began to deal with the losses that I had experienced.
Questionably, you may wonder how a 2 day experience can do this. In
my case it provided me with the opportunity to spend some quality time
focusing upon me (something which many of us do not do due to the
demands of everyday life, work commitments and so forth). Those who
attend the retreat will not leave a different person, yet they will have
had the opportunity to think and to spend time on themselves: they will
have a ‘tool-kit’ of techniques. In order to receive long-term gains from
the retreat participants need to continue to practice the techniques
taught (this was made clear during the programme). Although it is
difficult to state what effects the experience has had on others, I can
fairly state that I became more relaxed and more focused
(professionally and personally). Although it has been difficult trying to
apply the techniques on a daily basis, I often try to engage in these
when possible.
Of course this has also had an effect on
my working life and relationship with
colleagues as I am more
relaxed! Thank you all so much for the
work you do, I just wish everyone had
the chance to go to a retreat and
benefit as I have done. The ironing still
piles up and the grass needs cutting, all
the usual things but they really don’t
matter as much as they did.
The retreat allowed me to think about me
and space to think about where I was at the
time. It allowed me to recognise how I could
deal with things. The opportunity to do this in
a safe and supportive environment was
invaluable and along with the use of
relaxation, laughter and reflection, I cam
away from the event feeling more calm,
relaxed, in control and like my old self than I
had for several months.
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