Hazel Cleantech Opportunities Fund I LP

Hazel Cleantech Opportunities Fund I LP
Presentation to the Green Business Forum 9th December 2011
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The Opportunity
A Guernsey domiciled limited partnership investing in a diversified portfolio of
development-stage high growth Cleantech companies.
The Fund
• Target compound return of in excess of 25% per annum over 8 years
• Seeded with existing portfolio of seven leading cleantech companies currently valued at £7.2m
• First close of $18m achieved on 1st November 2010
• Targeting $40m total fund-raise
• Majority of capital will be invested in existing portfolio companies
• Estimated additional $120m parallel investment opportunity (co-investment and secondaries)
Profile of existing underlying investments
• Companies which drive the reduction in fossil fuel consumption
• Mid to late stage companies with a clear path to profitability
• Proven, sector-leading technologies
• 5 UK Companies, 2 Californian
• Investments are valued according to BVCA guidelines
Hazel Capital LLP
Overview of the Investment Adviser Hazel Capital LLP
Specialist investment manager dedicated to Cleantech since 2007
• Founded by Ben Guest a former partner at Cantillon Capital Management and
one of Europe’s leading technology investors
• Majority owned by the Partners
• Partners include Bozkurt Aydinoglu, the co-founder of New Energy Finance
• 9.99% interest held by RIT and the J Rothschild family philanthropic interests
• $170m in funds under management/advice (November 2011)
• Diversified across asset classes
• Amongst Europe’s leading Cleantech investors with great deal flow
• Strong relationship with large co-investors and financing syndicates
• Team of 11 London based professionals
• Authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA)
Hazel Capital LLP
Hazel Capital LLP Product Portfolio
Hazel Capital LLP
Investment Adviser / Investment Manager
A team of 11 professionals with deep Cleantech sector knowledge
Investing exclusively in the “Cleantech" sector across three main products
Public Equities
Venture Capital
Infrastructure Finance/Projects
Hazel Global Cleantech Equity Fund
Hazel Cleantech Opportunities Fund 1 LP
UCITS III Daily Dealing Long Only fund
Value-based investment approach
Expansion / Mid-to-Late stage Environmental
Technology and Services Companies
Hazel Renewable Energy
Portfolio Managers:
• Ben Guest
• Bozkurt Aydinoglu
Portfolio Manager:
• Isabelle Schirmer
AUM $31m
First Close Commitments $18m
Investing in UK renewable energy projects
Investment Team:
• Ben Guest
• Gareth Owen
• Tom Vernon
AUM $65m
Co-investments $57m
$170m total assets under management/advice
Hazel Capital LLP
The Investment Team
Isabelle Schirmer, Portfolio Manager
• 25 years experience in finance, M&A, strategy and general management including start-ups
• Broad sector experience across natural resources, technology, industry & energy
• Senior BP employee 2005-2008, including Alternative Energy Project Director BP M&A
• MS Paris Tech, MS University of Wisconsin (USA), INSEAD MBA (with distinction)
Ben Guest, Investment Committee Member, Founder and CIO of Hazel Capital LLP
• Seeded original portfolio
• Prominent Technology Investor, 17 years investment experience, over 10 years investing in
• Managed $1bn Cantillon Technology Fund & Lazard Technology Opportunities hedge funds
• CFA Charterholder, BEng Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, London
Bozkurt Aydinoglu, Investment Committee Member, Manager of Hazel Capital Public Equity Funds
• 17 years of investment experience in technology and cleantech, including 4 years as a
successful VC investor
• Co-founded and built New Energy Finance
• MSc Electrical Engineering, Imperial College, London
Hazel Capital LLP
Investment Focus for The Existing Portfolio
Key Company Attributes
• Visibility: Clear evidence of market demand and competitive advantage
• Highly differentiated technologies, strong, defensible IP and technology leadership
• Clear roadmaps for cost reductions (independence from subsidies) and market development
• Experienced and driven management teams
• Valuation: Potential to significantly increase value over 3-5 years with exits during this period
Sub-sector Focus
Companies that drive reduction of CO2 emissions through reduction of fossil fuels consumption
3 clusters:
• Clean Power: Renewable Energy
•Clean Transportation
•Low Carbon Buildings & Energy Efficiency
Hazel Capital LLP
Where Portfolio Companies Fit
Car club company
• 2nd largest UK player
• Fast growing
Breakthrough Battery Power Technology
Polymer Lithium Sulphur chemistry for
• Electric Transportation &
• Energy Storage
Concentrating PhotoVoltaics (CPV)
Systems combining
• High efficiency cells &
• Concentrating tracking mirrors
Contracts with utilities
Tidal Energy turbine for marine and hydro applications
• Unique oscillating hydrofoil device
• High power output
• Best suited for shallow waters
• Fully submerged whilst in operation but buoyant for installations
Hazel Capital LLP
Low carbon building materials made of natural
fibres, including hemp, and specialist binders
• Breathable
• Outstanding thermal efficiency
• Low embodied carbon
World leader in Solar Thermal
Energy Generation
• Flagship 400MW project
• 2.6GW of off take contracts
• 10GW development potential
UK and Europe leading vertical axis turbine for small wind
• Exceptional Aesthetics
• Powerful
• Smart Turbine (controls)
• Low environmental impact, very quiet
How Hazel Adds Value? Constructive Engagement with Management
Hazel Capital LLP
Deal Source
Hazel Value Added
Provided start-up capital. Financing and international
strategy advice to CEO. Introductions to additional investors
and strategic partners (incl. Statoil).
John Woolard
Board Membership. Strategy formulation, close oversight of
execution. Recruitment of executive chairman and building
up of delivery capability.
Peter Ward
CEO referral
Introduction to component suppliers and European
CEO referral
Board Chairmanship. PR firm sourcing.
Introductions to business partners , customers and
Huw HampsonJones
Board membership. Chairmanship of Audit committee.
Advising on strategy, business planning, company
structuring, rewards and incentives and fund raising.
Gerry Musgrave
Closely supported CEO on strategy. Debated acquisition
strategy, cost management, geographic focus and
James Finlayson
Advising on strategy and fund-raising.
Bob Smith
Intended Use of Funds
Current focus is on deploying follow on capital to maintain pro rata equity stakes in existing
portfolio, giving investors clear visibility
• Base case estimated return 30%+ per annum
• Most exits achievable by end 2014
• One exit achieved at 45% premium within 12 months
Additional capital to be allocated to select new opportunities
• To further diversify the portfolio into other Cleantech sub sectors (lighting, smart grid,
water services etc.)
Fund is also a gateway to the deployment of substantial capital in parallel investments
• Ability to deploy up to an additional $120m to substantially increase stakes in selected
portfolio companies, via co-investment and secondaries (purchase of shares from other
shareholders in portfolio companies)
• Flexibility around the structuring of parallel investments
Hazel Capital LLP
Why Invest Now? Current Negativism Contrasts with Long Term Fundamentals
Extreme negative sentiment currently exhibited towards Cleantech
WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index (NEX) down 35% in Q3 2011 & 36% since 2006 inception
Listed Cleantech valuations are at their lowest level ever and M&A and private valuations depressed
Negative sentiment stems from:
• margin volatility resulting from repeated cycles of shortages/excess supply (solar and wind)
• regulatory uncertainty at national and international levels
However the long term fundamentals for the sector are as strong as ever
High Growth and Large Markets
• Annual Investment in Renewable Energy expected to double from 2010 to 2020 and reach $400bn
• Total renewable energy investment to amount to $7 trillion over the next 20 years
• From 2009 to 2035:
• Renewables will contribute to 44% of new electricity generation
• Electricity generation growth rates: 9% p.a. wind, 15% solar PV, 25% CSP and 20% marine
Lower Costs and Grid Parity
• Renewable energy costs will continue to be driven down the experience curves
• Solar PV expected to decrease a further 55% by 2020 and an additional 20% by 2030
• Solar and on shore wind will be at grid parity in an ever increasing number of geographies
Hazel Capital LLP
NEX Index versus Renewable Energy Investment
CAGR 2009-2030 9%
NEX 2006-2011 -36%
Hazel Capital LLP
Fund Key Features
General Partner
Hazel Ventures Management Ltd
Fund Manager
Hazel Capital LLP
Commitment Period
3 years from the fund closing date
8 years from the fund closing date. Term may be
extended by up to three, one-year periods by the GP
Co-Investment with LPs
At the discretion of the General Partner
First Closing
$18m on November 1st 2010
Target Total Commitments by Final Closing
Minimum Commitment
£250,000 or a lesser amount at the discretion of GP
Management Fee
Carried Interest of General Partner
20% after 8% preferred return
Hazel Capital LLP
Portfolio Companies
Hazel Capital LLP
Contact Details
For further information, please contact:
Isabelle Schirmer
Portfolio Manager
[email protected]
Lizzie Vickers
Marketing Director
[email protected]
Hazel Capital LLP
59 Gloucester Place
London, W1U 8JH, UK
Tel: + 44 (0) 203 434 1010
Hazel Capital LLP
Hazel Capital LLP
International Energy Agency
• World Energy Outlook 2010
• World Energy Outlook 2011, November 2011
• Deploying Renewables, November 2011
Bloomberg New Energy Finance
• Levelised Cost of Energy Update: Q3 2011, October 2011
• Global Renewable Energy Market Outlook, November 2011
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