Idiom Challenge “Its raining cats and dogs” “It`s

Which theory suits best?
 It came from Northern European mythology,
where the cats influenced the weather and
dogs influenced the wind.
Which theory suits best?
 When people thought of cats and dogs
fighting in a loud and abrupt manner, it
started down pouring.
Which theory best suits?
 In the 17th century, when there was heavy
rain, the gutters would be filled with debris,
including dead animals.
Which theory suits best?
 In the 1700’s, the roofs were made with sod.
The animals would lay on the sod. When
there was heavy rainfall, the roof would get
wet, causing the animals to fall off the roof.
 Coming
from unknown origin, the idiom
“Raining cats and dogs” refers to cats and
dogs slipping off of sod roofs when they got
wet during heavy rain during the early