The Revolutionary War

Wars of the North/South
 Identify key turning points in the American
 Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each
side in the American Revolution.
 Identify the key outcomes of the American Revolution.
 1. Express Problems Clearly: In what ways did the
British misunderstand the conflict with the colonies?
 Vermont Militia
 Captured Fort Ticonderoga in New York
 Captured much needed cannons and supplies
 Northern Boston
 Two Hills gave the Americans strategic advantage
 British win but casualties are 1,100 to 400
 Commanding general of Patriot forces
 Worked to train the militia
 Realized the strengths and weakness of America’s
 Knox brings the cannons from Ticonderoga to this
 Washington shells the British and causes them to
Well equipped
Well disciplined
Native Americans
 Fight during the Winter
 Crosses the Delaware River
 Huge American success
 Americans were retreating
 Bridges burned to slow British advance
 Biggest American victory to this point
 Foreign power start to believe in America
 American base in winter of 1777-1778
 Troops starving, freezing, and under supplied
 British are well fed and warm
 Army made entirely of Loyalists
 American victory by large margin
 Cornwallis waits for reinforcements
 Lafayette sets up a blockade
 Washington combines the forces
 Major British defeat
 The poor do most of the fighting
 Native Americans become even bigger targets
 British military power diminished
 British recognize America as independent
 Boarders establish to the west and north
 Mississippi is the Spanish-American boarder
 Florida returned to Spain
 Britain withdraws troops
 Loyalists are to be restored as citizens
 Most Northern States abolish slavery
 Native Americans suffer tremendously
 Ideas of liberty spread at home and abroad
 Women fail to gain political or legal power
 No compelling reason to fight
 Inferior tactics
 Hessians
 Resentment at home
 Loyalists vs Separatists------ eventual forgiveness
 America vs England-----Treaty of Paris
 Allies vs England-----regained territory
 What was the battle that effectively ended the
American Revolution?
 Green----Battle of Yorktown
 Yellow----Battle of Saratoga
 Red ----Battle of Bunker Hill
 Orange----Battle of Princeton
 Which of the following was an American military
Green----Well Supplied
Yellow----Well Trained
Red----Familiar with American landscape
Orange----Strong Navy
 Which of the following was a provision of the Treaty of
Green----England paid America reparations
Yellow----Spain regained Florida
Red----British Troops are allowed to stay in America
Orange----Loyalists must return to England
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