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E-Interaction &
Collaboration and e-Safety
Prepared by Jesicca John
e-Interaction & Collaboration
“e-Interaction & Collaboration remind us to not
to humiliate and disrespect others while
exchanging or sharing information and
knowledge via any digital systems on hand.”
The digital systems can be:
Mobile phones
Online forum
Social networking site
Common rules when we use the
digital systems
1. Never misuse the technology for bad purposes.
2. Never use inappropriate language.
3. Be aware of sensitive issue or topic while
posting our comment online.
4. Respect and treat others like how we want to be
5. Do not try to spread rumors that will harm
The lists above are just few common rules we need no one
to remind us over and over again. We just need not to
jeopardize others.
E-safety tells us to protect our personal safety
from any form of cyber crimes.
Everything that we posted online is expose
directly to other online users.
Thus, even irresponsible internet users can
may as well hack, crack, stalking or stole our
personal data.
How’s our right can be violated?
Cyber bullying
• It can be in a way that someone posted bad comment on others
to criticizes them intentionally.
Cyber stalking
• Remember that others can crack your system if you failed to put
highly secure password for your online personal data.
Internet predator
• Be aware of who you are chat with because other online user
sometimes do not reveal their real intention and act innocent to
attract you.
• Never open spam email because it may been sent intentionally to
harm your computer system.
Internet can be very beneficial
and also harmful. It is up to us
to decide what would be good
for public view.