evaluation comments

Comments from evaluations after training sessions
‘Really useful and a good grounding on the current situation. Motivated to get school more savvy on
e-safety and aim for BIG award. Thanks!’
‘It was refreshing to hear such a positive approach, working in partnership.’
‘Thank you – very informative, thought provoking and informative.’
‘ An amazing day – thank you. Sheila Greenacre – Wicklewood.’
‘Very useful. Thought provoking and also encouraging that our school is focussing on this
already but needs checking to see effectiveness of provision and policies.’
‘Brilliant course! I have learnt lots about how to keep children safe on the internet and hot to share
ideas/activities with my Year 5/6 class!’
‘Very thought provoking and informative session! Thank you.’
‘Thank you for the variety of activities/discussion. Advice has been much appreciated.’
‘Thank you! A big push needed in our school to promote e-safety and work towards BIG award.’
Workshops at Middlesbrough College
'Adrienne's presentation was really interesting and obviously from a great deal of work and
Drumcondra Education Centre Ireland.
'Very informative course. Lots of information provided. Lots to think about when I go back to
'Very committed presenter. Practical, which is what teachers need.'
Youthworks Consulting Ltd. Training in bullying intervention and dealing with cyberbullying.
Keynote at 'I’m not scared' conference Long Eaton.
‘Adrienne Katz, gave the keynote speech on cyberbullying at the ‘I am not scared’ anti-bullying
conference held on the 18thOctober 2010 in Long Eaton, near Nottingham. All of those present at the
conference were looking forward to Adrienne’s presentation about what is now a major form of
bullying in schools and Adrienne did not disappoint the delegates. She gave a well- timed and
carefully planned insight into the problem, using information from her extensive researches and
survey of over 10,000 young people and suggested many useful tools and potential solutions to help
with the problem.’
Roger Murphin
WilsthorpeSchool, ‘I’m not scared’ project, a European project funded by Pixel.
Mayo Educational Centre, Ireland
'Sincere thanks to you for the wonderful seminars, teachers were singing your praises and it’s great
for us to receive such positive feedback from participants.'
Norfolk County Council:
What part of today has been useful to enhance your current knowledge/ practice?
Making strong local links. E-safety lies deep in the foundation of school policy. Becoming more
current and up-to-date.
Talking to other staff, sharing ideas.
Up-to-date information to enable our school to implement a fully integrated e-safety curriculum.
Different places to seek advice how to integrate e-safety across the schools.
Up-to-date knowledge of what young people are experiencing and into.
Focus on roles of policies and also focussing on monitoring and evaluating effect of e-safety
I think everything that has occurred today was of some use.
Understanding of how quickly images/messages can be spread throughout the school or wider
community. Children need to be taught the risks and problems that can be caused by sending
inappropriate messages/images.
Procedures and protocols for reporting and dealing with incidents.
Having discussions about how to act on e-safety issues.
Websites. Practical scenarios. Facts/figures.
Interesting case studies helped understand the issues we are dealing with and how to address them.
Up-to-date information. Awareness of both primary and secondary scenarios.
Youthworks Consulting Ltd. Training in bullying intervention and dealing with cyberbullying.