Safeguarding children in a digital world
LSCB regional events November 08
Becta’s principles
01 Protect in school, educate for out of school
02 Make the UK the safest place online
03 Improve child safety and protection
Consider e-safety as a child protection issue,
04 not a technology issue
Encourage mainstreaming of e-safety in wider
05 safeguarding policies
What do we mean by Safeguarding?
Empowering children and young people to protect themselves
from the 4 C’s
• Content -
Uploaded and downloaded!
• Commerce -
Scams, identity theft, commercialism
• Contact -
Grooming: sexual and race hatred
• Culture -
Cyberbullying and social networking
The national issues
Childrens W/F
Lack of teacher confidence to
teach e-safety
Lack of awareness of the issue
Lack of curriculum time
Not engaged
Feel overwhelmed
Lack confidence to
parent online
Not accessing or using
available information
Fatigued by blame
Not driven by parental
demand for safety
Work well with government
and third sector
Not delivering transparency,
clarity, consistency
Running ahead
Vulnerable: technical
knowledge and wisdom
Face the same development
issues online
Prone to risk
Not always joined-up
Not using all levers
Lacking technical expertise
Under pressure to find a silver
Why LSCBs…?
The Children’s Act 2004:
Safeguard and promote the welfare of children
Every Child Matters
Staying Safe
Working together to Safeguard Children
A guide to inter-agency working to safeguard and promote
the welfare of children
Byron Review:
Harmful or inappropriate “material” –
LSCB Stocktake
Becta’s work to date with LSCBs…
Oct 07
Meeting with ADCS Chair of Information Systems and
Technology Committee (Richard Stiff, North Lincs)
November 07
CEOP and ADCS support for the safeguarding of children
online and local authority support
Dec 07
ADCS support a national survey
Feb 08
Wrote to every local authority asking them to nominate a
strategic e-safety lead, launch of the toolkit and a national
conference – 141 LAs have nominated a strategic e-safety
April 08
Sponsoring of ADCS presidency
June 08
LSCB e-safety development days – 42 LSCBs attended
September 08
LSCB e-safety development days - 72 LSCBs attended
November 08
Regional events
Post Nov
Support through the online forum
• Is an opportunity for you to develop and test your
• Take stock and map into current plans
• To hear from colleagues in the region about how
they can support your work
This afternoon…
3 options:
1 – an exercise to extend your thinking; test your strategy
2 – a series of tasks aimed at getting to grips with the toolkit
3 – an opportunity to work independently on your own strategy