Investments in Detroit Michigan

Ryan A
In Detroit there are over 75,000 Functioning Cars
on the streets.
There are about Four thousand Car/Car Parts
factories in Detroit
Average High:58.4degrees Fahrenheit
Average Low:26 Fahrenheit
Average amount of sunny days:180
Average amount of rainy days: 133
Average amount of snowy day: 36.5
Average amount of natural disasters: 0
In Detroit there are about 688,701 people, which is
about 4,820 people per square mile
There are 336,482 houses in Detroit
The average population
per household is 2-3 persons
Most of natural land has been taken up buildings,
factories, roads and sports stadiums
In Detroit there are no major land forms.
The annual amount of precipitation in Detroit
is 30.97 or 31 inches of rain and 45 inches of
Some major bodies to flow through Detroit and
give it a water supply are The Detroit River, Lake
Saint Claire and The Rouge River
The hydrosphere is effect when people constantly
leave appliances running which waste over about
600,000 gallons of water every year.