Geo-Diary Brochure - Emma Winton-Smith e

SST 309-02 Geo-Diary Brochure
Emma Winton-Smith
Proud to be a Detroiter
Ferndale, MI--Where I Grew Up
11AM Saturday 3-3-12 Southeast
3. Comerica Park, where the home games
of the Detroit Tigers are held, is one of
my favorite locations in the city of
Detroit. (Absolute Location; Region)
3:30PM Saturday 3-3-12 North
1. This is the house in which I grew up
on Cambourne. (Absolute Location)
6:30PM Saturday 3-3-12 North
2. This is Geary Partk—the park at the
end of the street in which I grew up
located on the west side of Ferndale. It
is where I played little league,
attended graduation parties, met some
of my close friends, took my dog to
play fetch, and coached my first
softball team. (Relative location;
Place; Region; Movement of services;
Human/Environment Interaction)
11:30AM Saturday 3-3-12 Southwest
4. This is the old train station located on
the southwest side of Detroit. This
building had been standing for years
and although it no longer is a working
station, it contributes to the story of
Detroit. (Absolute location; Movement
of people and goods)
5:15PM Saturday 6-6-09 South
5. This is a picture of the Detroit River
facing Canada. The river serves as the
divider, but similarity, of the two
countries as well as a place for people
to enjoy boating, fishing, and the
natural beauty of both Detroit and
Windsor. (Place; Movement of goods,
people, and water;
Human/Environment Interaction,
1PM Saturday 3-3-12 West
6. The Fox Theatre has been a place of
entertainment for close to a century.
Located in the center of downtown
Detroit, it is a landmark well known
by all Detroiters. (Absolute Location;
Place; Movement of services, ideas,
and information)
Everyday Necessities
9:30PM Monday 3-12-12 Northwest
7. The Meijer Gas Station on Kalamazoo
Ave. is where I get gas because it is
known to have the lowest prices in
town. (Absolute Location; Movement
of goods; Human/Environment
10AM Saturday 6-15-09 South
9. City Style in Berkley, MI is both my
place of employment when I am back
in the Detroit area as well as my
number one shoe, accessory, and
Made in Detroit Apparel store.
(Absolute Location; Place; Movement
of goods and services)
11AM Thursday 5-22-08 Northeast
11. National Shrine of the Little Flower in
Royal Oak, MI is where I attend
church when I am in the Detroit Area.
((Absolute Location; Movement of
services, information, and ideas)
Wixom, MI: Where I now call Home
Religious Education
2PM Sunday 3-11-12 East
8. The Flagstar Bank inside Knapp’s
Corner Meijer is where I do my
banking while I am away at school.
(Absolute and Relative Location;
Place; Movement of goods and
12PM Thursday 5-22-08 North
10. Shrine Catholic School in Royal Oak,
MI is where I attended school from
preschool until graduation. (Absolute
Location; Movement of services,
information, and ideas)
4PM Wednesday 10-13-10 Northwest
12. My parents recently moved to Wixom,
MI after living in Ferndale my whole
life. This is now the house I call
“Home.” (Absolute Location)