Khalsa and 5 Ks

How do Sikhs show they belong to
their faith?
Learning objective – to be able to give
examples of how Sikhs show they belong
to their faith.
I can describe some
of the ways Sikhs
show they belong to
their faith.
Level 3
I can explain the
meaning of the
different ways Sikhs
show they belong to
their faith.
Level 5
I can apply to my own
life the ways Sikhs show
they belong to their faith
and show how I belong
to a community.
Level 6
Starter – List all the things you are committed to. How
far would you go to show your commitment?
What is the Khalsa?
The Khalsa is a group of committed Sikhs who want to show total devotion to
their faith. Khalsa means ‘pure’.
It was created by the tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, who honoured five men,
known as the five beloved ones, who were willing to die for the Sikh faith.
Gobind Singh believed that these men showed the ultimate faith and wanted
them to form part of a group to encourage those to follow Sikhism.
How do you join the Khalsa?
To join the Khalsa, a Sikh must
take part in the Amrit ceremony.
The Amrit ceremony takes place in
the Gurdwara and acts as an
initiation to the Sikh faith.
The Amrit ceremony shows a
commitment to Sikhism which has
to be shown by wearing the 5 Ks
and taking the Amrit – a specially
made drink.
What does it mean to join the Khalsa?
As part of the Sikh community you
must abide by the rules and take
collective responsibility.
Official new parents – Guru
Gobind Singh and Mata Sahib Kaur.
Take the name of ‘Singh’ if male
and ‘Kaur’ if female.
Must wear the 5 Ks daily.
What are the 5 Ks?
Which one of the 5 Ks would you find the easiest to adopt, and which one
would you find the hardest? Explain your answers.
Create your own 5 Ks from items of your own life. What meaning do they
have? How do they show you belong and are committed to a community?
Design a poster encouraging non-Khalsa Sikhs to join the Khalsa. You may
want to use words such as community, identity, family and faith.
Design a logo for the Khalsa. What would you include? Explain your
Plenary – My Brain
Subheading – My Brain
Draw an outline of your brain.
Fill your drawn brain with all the things you have learnt in this lesson.
This can be in the form of key words, drawings, bullet points, lists –
anything you like so long as it summarises your learning and that others
can understand it.