Yr 6 RE Sikhism in Britain

Recap from last lesson
1. What does the word Sikh mean?
 Disciple
2.What name is given to their Holy Book?
 Guru Granth Sahib
3.Who was the Guru who wrote this book?
 Guru Nanak
5.Give 6 facts about Guru Nanaks life
4.Name one Key Belief of Sikhs given in the Mool
Mantar (the first verses of the Holy Book)
 There is only one God who is almighty and eternal
What impact do Sikh
beliefs have on
everyday life?
MAY 2014
Learning Objectives
 To explore the additional commitment
that a Sikh can make by becoming a
 To consider if a shared name brings
greater sense of belonging and unity
 To consider the impact that Sikh beliefs
have on everyday lives of believers
Starter Questions
Who or what are you prepared to take a great and
dangerous risk and maybe even die for?
 Pulling a family member from a burning house
 Pushing a friend out of the way from an on coming car
 Being bullied for something you strongly believe in.
 Going to prison for a Religious belief or a strongly held
All around the world there are people who live in
fear and danger as a result of their religious
beliefs. They face torture, imprisonment and
even death.
Khalsa Sikh- The Background
 Guru Gobind Singh (1675- 1708) became the tenth
Guru at the age of 9 years old.
 He began the Khalsa of Sikhs or the “brotherhood”.
A fighting force which could defend the Sikhs from
being persecution or killed for what they believed in.
 Sikhs who joined took part in an initiation ceremony
called the “Amrit Ceremony”, take new names and
wear the 5 Ks
What can you remember about the 5 Ks?
The 5 Ks
Kesh – long hair
Kanga - comb
Kirpan - sword
Kachs – baggy shorts
Kara – steel bangle
The Amrit Ceremony
 Refer to pages 20 to 23 from text book “Discovering
Religions- Sikhism”
Answer the following questions in full detail:
1. Who are the Khalsa Sikhs and why were they formed?
2. What is the Amrit Ceremony and what does it involve?
3. Who were the Panj piare and what are they expected to
Now examine the following issues:
Discuss with your partner the following issues to
complete the table given:
 Should Sikhs be allowed to wear a Kirpan in school?
 What happens to the Kirpan when going through
airport security?
 Can a Sikh women shave her legs?
 What happens if Sikhs shave by accident?
 Should Sikhs have to take the Kara off to do PE at
Learning Outcomes
 I can describe the impact of religion on Sikh`s lives
(AT1 L4)
 I can use an increasingly wide vocabulary to explain
the impact of beliefs upon individuals and
communities (AT1 L5)
 I can apply ideas simply to my own and other
people`s lives (AT2 L4)
 I can explain and express my own views on the
challenges of belonging to a religion (AT2 L5)