Table Manners for Young Ladies

Table Manners for Young Ladies
Comber, Jan and Rosemary Evans. Women Changing Canada. Don Mills:
Oxford University Press, 1997.
• Take your seat quietly at the table
• Sit firmly in your chair without lolling back,
drumming, or any other uncouth action
• Unfold your napkin and lay it on your lap
• Eat soup directly with a spoon
• Be careful to make no noise in chewing or
swallowing your food
• Cut your food with your knife, but the fork is
to be used to convey it with your mouth
• Break bread, do not cut it or bite it
• Your cup was made to drink from, and your
saucer to hold your cup
• When you have finished the course lay your
knife and fork upon your plate with the handle
toward your right hand
• Wipe your nose if necessary but never blow it
at the table
• It is almost unnecessary to mention that the
tablecloth is not the place for your salt