PP Amelia Earhart - Nashua School District

•In 1915, Amelia graduated from Hyde Park High
School in Chicago.
• She finished high school is 1916
•Amelia Earhart moved back to Kansas with her dad
•After seeing 4 injured men on the streets, she decided
she wanted to help people who came from war and
became a nurses assistant at Spadina Military Hospital
in Canada
•While being a nurses assistant, patients told her
several stories about dangerous airplane fights.
•Her curiosity led her to the Toronto fair and she
watched pilots do stunts with their airplanes.
•After that she signed up to learn more.
•Amelia Earhart taught foreign students how
to speak English at the Columbia University
in New York.
•In 1924, Amelia’s parents divorced and she
bought a car for her mom for her to move to
Connecticut to live with Muriel, Amelia's
•At age 34, she married George Putnam
•Somewhere in-between 1913 and 1915,
Amelia entered her plane in the women’s air
•On May 20 and 21, 1932, when Amelia was
the first women to fly solo across the Atlantic
Ocean, she was awarded National
Geographic Society’s gold metal form the
•June 12, 1928: First women passenger
to fly across the Atlantic.
•April 8, 1931: Altitude record for
autogiros; 18,451 feet
•May 20-21, 1932: First women to fly
across Atlantic solo
•August 24-25, 1932: Woman’s nonstop
speed record 17
hours, 7 minutes
•July 7-8, 1933: Women’s nonstop speed
record (19 hours, 5 minutes)
•January 11-12, 1935: First solo from
Honolulu to Oakland
•April 19-20, 1935: First solo from Los
Angeles to Mexico City
•May 8, 1935: First to solo from Mexico City
to Newark
•June-July, 1937: First to fly around the
world at the equator (not completed)
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