week, IRR #1

Biography Novel Study
Independent Reading Responses
It’s time to start getting working on our biography novel study! So for this
marking period you will be responsible for reading one biography of your choice as an
independent reading assignment. It is suggested you read at least 25 pages a night.
There will also be a weekly written homework assignment as explained in this
Independent Reading Response Packet. The Independent Reading Packet will be
discussed in class on Monday and will be due back on Friday. Due to the short week,
IRR #1 will be due on Thursday.
As a homework assignment you are to respond in a complete paragraph to the
topics listed for each week. You may use the computer to type your rough draft and
final drafts at home. If you complete a rough draft on the computer, please print it
double-spaced so you can edit and revise your work. Feel free to print your work at
school if it’s in Google Docs.
Each assignment should be on a separate piece of paper. You will be graded
using a Reading Response Rubric. The assignment must be on time in order to
receive full credit.
Sample format:
Sally Brown
January 21, 2015
Biography IRR#1
Book Title (underlined)
Start response…
Biography Characteristics
A biography has six characteristics. They are:
1. Tells about a real person
2. Shows that the author knows a lot about the person
3. Describes the person’s environment
4. Provides stories or details that show the person in action
5. Shows how the person affects other people
6. States or implies how the author feels about the person
Response Topics
Week 1: (Characteristic 1 and 3)
Describe your person’s family and educational background.
What were the parents like?
What schools did your person attend?
What advantages/disadvantages did the family have while your person was
growing up?
Week 2: (Characteristic 2)
What were your person’s strengths?
What were their special talents or skills?
How did they acquire them?
How do you think they helped your person become famous?
What were some important events that helped your person become
Week 3: (Characteristic 6)
What character traits/ personality qualities did your person have?
What trait or quality was most helpful?
What trait or quality was least helpful or a negative influence?
Week 4: (Characteristic 4 and 5).
Summarize your person’s greatest accomplishments.
What was your person’s “triumph over challenge”?
Would you describe your person as a hero/heroine? Explain.
Sally Brown
Biography IRR#1
Amelia Earhart
John Parlin
In the biography, Amelia Earhart, by John Parlin, the author
demonstrates that he is writing about a real person because he is describing the
environment of Amelia. He tells us that Amelia Earhart was born on July 24,
1898 in Atchison, Kansas. She lived with her parents, grandmother, and her
sister. Amelia’s father worked for the railroad. He had to travel a lot. Later
they moved to Des Moines, Iowa. Amelia’s childhood can be described as
happy and full of fun.
We also learned that Amelia went to school in Iowa. After she
graduated from high school, she studied in Philadelphia. Later Amelia traveled
to Toronto, Canada to become a nurse’s aide. She wanted to help the
wounded World War 1 soldiers. After the war Amelia went to Columbia
University in New York City. Many years later she taught aviation at Purdue