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ELA Performance Task

Amelia Earhart – Drawing Conclusions

Content Area English Language Arts

Text Article “An Ocean Mystery” by Kelli Plasket

Article “Flying First”

Text : The Language of Literature, excerpt from “The Fun of It” by

Amelia Earhart

Grade Level 6 th

Target Area



Text-Dependent Questions, Drawing Conclusions, Gathering

Information, Supporting a Claim, Using Textual Evidence

ELA Common

Core State


RI6.1, RI6.2, RI6.3, RI6.4, RI6.5, RI6.6, RI 6.8,

W6.1a,b,c, W6.4, W6.5

SL6.1, SL6.2

L6.1, L6.2, L6.3, L6.4, L6.6

Students will learn about Amelia Earhart and her account of her flight across the Atlantic Ocean. They will also read articles and draw conclusions about what may have happened on her last flight.




DOK 2 – What do you notice about Amelia Earhart’s personality?

DOK 3 - What conclusions can be drawn from these three texts?

DOK 3 – What would most likely happen if they found wreckage?

DOK 4 - Apply information from one text to another text to develop an understanding for the events that surrounding her disappearance.

DOK 4 - What information can you gather to support your idea about what happened to Amelia Earhart?

1) Objectives

2) Vocabulary

3) Academic Vocabulary

4) Comprehension

5) Product – Graphic Organizer

6) Rubrics


Students will learn about Amelia Earhart and her courageous achievements. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to draw a conclusion about what may have happened to this pioneer in aviation.

Tier 2 Vocabulary

analysis circumstantial fluctuation extent fleeting accumulate sufficient margin faculty

Tier 3 Vocabulary

altitude vessel wreckage tachometer manifold ring

Comprehension Questions

When did Amelia Earhart got her pilot’s license?

What was the date Earhart started her solo flight across the Atlantic?

What difficulties did Earhart have during her flight across the Atlantic?

What kind of person must Amelia Earhart have been to accomplish her goals in aviation?

What are some key reasons recovery groups continue to search for the plane wreckage?

Use textual evidence to support your ideas.


Using information from Amelia Earhart’s biography and citing evidence from the two articles, draw a conclusion about what may have happened to Amelia Earhart and

Frederick Noonan. Be sure to use textual evidence from at least 2 of the texts to support your ideas.

Students can do a paper copy, create on the ipad app, or create in Google Drive, the graphic organizer drawing a conclusion from the texts.