Buyer`s Mind-set Selling

EBMS recap
How does a customer buy?
What are the blockades?
What must sales do?
Phases in the head of the customer with
corresponding blockades
-1- Is this something for me? (Customer considers
• Justification
Action to be taken by sales
-2- What is it that I want? (Customer has decided
to buy)
• Doubt
-2- Strengthen the need (the mother list of all he
might wish to have)
-3- With whom shall I buy? (Customer knows what
he wants and looks for the right supplier)
• Comparison
-3- Differentiate (why are you better on the
needs identified under 2)
-4- I am taking a decision? (Customer goes over
the whole process and decides to buy)
• Risk analysis
-4- Take out last objections and close (give
space to the buyer and round off)
-1- Hand idea (that immediately makes him
consider buying)
Last minute issues
-1- Again about pricing. ( check in phase 2 ! )
-2- After sale service ( should have been coverred in pahse 2 and 3 )
-3- Other Supplier get’s another chance ( check in 3 , what is the playing field )
-4- Management comes into negotiotion ( check in Phase 2 : DMU ? )
-5- More discount after the deal ( make a clear deal )
-6- Changing standards after order ( be clear about possibilities and consequences )
-7- Inflation off commodity ( be clear in Phase 3 )
-8- Change of quantity ( be clear in phase 2 and 3 )
-9- Need more time to decide , ( cretae urgency and bonus for quick decision )
-10- Policy change ( nasty one, cannot control so what happened )
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