Mariel Leynes AMM104 Professor Giordano

Mariel Leynes
Professor Giordano
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 is all about business-to-Business marketing or B2B. B2B markets deal with the
buying and selling of products or service to other business entities. Their usual customers are the
resellers, institutions, government, and manufacturers. The buying process of B2B is different
from the B2C market since every business deals require a large amount and quantity of products
in every transaction; businesses must put a lot of effort in every B2B transactions.
The B2B buying process has six stages:
1. Need Recognition- businesses must be able to recognize the internal and external factors
that they need to consider in buying.
2. Product Specifications- product specifications are used to develop their proposals to the
product business anticipate buying.
3. RFP Process- RFP or request for proposal is the process where buyers send a proposal to
businesses that can accommodate their needs then let those businesses to bid the best
supply proposal.
4. Proposal Analysis, Vendor Negotiation, and Selection- After the interested businesses
show their bid to your proposal, analysis must be made and narrow down the choice of
5. Order Specification- The buyer place its order to their preferred supplier together with the
detailed description of the goods, pricing, and delivery options.
6. Vendor Analysis- The buyer analyzes the whole performance of the supplier and their
products for considering another future transaction with the supplier.
The rise of internet also paves its way in changing the B2B Market transactions. Internet let
businesses communicate with other firms faster and make the purchasing of products easier
through private exchanges.