Power Point Presentation

Video Game Delivery Project
Monthly progress report
So far we have completed the following:
 weighted decision matrix
 scope statement
Business case analysis
 team contract
Project charter
Planning Phase
 Develop Project plan
 Hold Kickoff meeting
 discuss current project plan
 discuss the website features
 divide specific project tasks
 discuss dream team for this project
Planning Phase (con’t.)
Team contract
 Scope statement for the project
 Work breakdown Structure
 Gantt chart
 Network diagram
 Probability/ Impact matrix
 List of prioritized Risks
Major issues thus far:
Increase in software cost, due to
customization needs
A team member suggests
termination of supplier
The other team members are not
surprised about the incensement
Most feel that the supplier has
performed adequately, thus far.
Changes So Far...
 We have not had any changes
to our scheduled time.
 We have not exceeded our
budget yet.