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The Benefits
2015 Benefit Open Enrollment Presentation
Items we are reviewing today…
• Immanuel Benefits
• Preventive Care
• Urgent Care VS Emergency Room visits
• Health Savings Accounts—new limits & vender
change in March 2015
• Wellness reward
• What’s new for Immanuel?
• How to enroll for benefits?
1st Inning
Your Health Plan has 2 Parts:
Part 1: Health Insurance Plan
Part 2: HSA Bank Account
New Vendor
Medical Plan
• No plan design change
• $1500 Single deductible/$3000 Family deductible
AND this is also your Out-of-Pocket maximum!
• Once the deductible is met the plan pays
100% for the rest of the plan year
• Coventry recently merged with Aetna-we now have
an expanded network of Aetna providers
• New premium rates
• Adding same-sex spouse
Same-Sex Spouses
• Same-sex spouses are now eligible to be added
to our current medical plan.
• If a same-sex couple was married in a any state
that allows for same-sex marriages such as
Iowa, dependent spouses are eligible to be on
our plan regardless of where the couple
• Just like other life events, documentation is
required---proof of marriage (marriage
What applies to your deductible??
In Patient
Doctor visit
Preventive Health Care
Paid for by our Immanuel Health Plan @
So….what does this include????
• Annual Physicals
• Well baby & child care
• Mammograms
• Prostate cancer screening
• Well-woman care (pap smear)
• Colon cancer screening
• Diabetes screening
• Adult & childhood immunizations
• Certain Osteoporosis screenings
Emergency Room or Urgent Care
What should I do???
There has been an up swing of emergency room visits mainly evenings
and weekends. Just a reminder that some Urgent Care locations are
open extended hours in the evenings and open at least part of the
weekend hours.
• Average cost of an Emergency Room Visit is $1,350.
• Average cost of an Urgent Care Visit is $120.
• Average cost of a call to Nurse Advisor Line Free.
We all need to be good health care consumers and keep the
costs down for ourselves and our health plan!
Immanuel VS Competitor
Deductible: $1,500 individual
$3,000 family
Out-of-Pocket Maximum:
$0 individual
*Once deductible is met plan
pays 100%. Out-of-pocket has
been met too. This is key!!
HSA Employer Contribution:
$350 individual max per yr.
$1077 family max per yr.
Wellness Reward:
$377 per eligible employee
Deductible: $2,000 individual
$4,000 family
Out-of-Pocket Maximum:
$5,000 individual
$10,000 family
In addition to deductible before
plan pays 100%.
HSA Employer Contribution:
$0 individual
$0 family
Wellness Reward:
Non-specified incentive
2015 Medical Premiums
(FTE.8 or 32 hrs per week)
– EE Only $52.75 biweekly
• $47.48 subsidized rate**
– EE + Spouse $178 biweekly
• $160.20 subsidized rate**
– EE + Child(ren)$165 biweekly
• $148.50 subsidized rate**
– EE + Family $202 biweekly
• $181.80 subsidized rate**
**Employees with a wage of $14 per hr or less
receive a 10% discount on medical premiums.
2015 Medical Premiums
(FTE.7 or 28 hrs per week)
– EE Only $69.25 biweekly
• $62.33 subsidized rate**
– EE + Spouse $232 biweekly
• $208.80 subsidized rate**
– EE + Child(ren)$215 biweekly
• $193.50 subsidized rate**
– EE + Family $263 biweekly
• $236.70 subsidized rate**
**Employees with a wage of $14 per hr or less
receive a 10% discount on medical premiums.
Immanuel’s Premium History
EE Only
Increase Increase Increase Increase
Table shows Employee Only per pay period premiums for the last 7
years as seen in the previous slide with the graph. The percentage of
increase over the 7 years has averaged 3.65% compared to the
market averages ranging between 25% and 35%.
Total Medical Plan Cost Annually
Immanuel Costs
H.S.A Match
Wellness Reward
Employee Premium
H.S.A EE Contribution
Immanuel Pays 80.2%
Employee Pays 19.8%
Employee earns: $12.00 an hour and is a 1.0 FTE (fulltime)
= $24,960 Annually
$24,960 X 2.5% merit increase is a $624 increase = $25,584
Employee Only health insurance premium was $44.78*/pay period
= $1,164.28 for the year.
*Note: EE receiving 10% premium subsidy.
2015 Premium increases to $47.48** ppp = $1,234.48
or $70 for the year
*Note: Premium increase is just over 6% for 2015 employee only
Net = $554
2nd Inning
HSA Account
Your Health Savings Account is pre-tax dollars you
set aside to help you pay for your out-of-pocket
medical expenses such as your deductible, RX, other
OOP qualifying expenses.
What are the advantages?
• Tax Savings—using pre-tax $$$
• Flexible—--it is your account
• Rolls over from yr. to yr.
• Portable---it goes with you
• Makes you a better health care consumer
because you are conscious of YOUR money
that you are spending for health care costs
H.S.A. IRS Maximum Contribution
Employee Only $3,300
Employee Only
Employee Plus/Family $6,550
Employee Plus/Family $6,650
Catch-up (age 55+) $1,000
Catch-up (age 55+)
**IRS added $50 to singles
and $100 to families.
New HSA vendor on the horizon
In the 1st quarter of 2015 we will be moving to a
new HSA vendor for a number of reasons including:
easier enrollment process
investment opportunities(mutual funds/stock)
lower fees associated with account
larger network of banking locations
We will conduct educational meetings after
the first of year to explain in detail
what will be happening and how it
affects you.
3rd Inning
Wellness Reward 2016
Need to earn 150 points during 2014-2015
as well as complete the:
Biometrics Screening
Health Risk Assessment
Tobacco Affidavit
**Employees who start after July 1st and
special groups are grandfathered
for the wellness points.
Wellness Reward
• There is some added
flexibility in earning
wellness points by doing a
charity/community sponsored
run/walk/cycle event of your
Receive 30 points by
completing an Access Wellness
form and providing the event
number or letter of
• Or you may receive 20 points
by doing some community
sponsored volunteer work and
completing the Access Wellness
Volunteer Verification form
signed by a Community agency
staff member.
4th Inning
Change to Dental Plan
• Annual maximum ($1,200) is ALL for dental expenses.
• Same Plan Design & Same Carrier---Ameritas
• There is incentive coinsurance which increases from
80% (1st year), 90% (2nd year) & 100% (3rd year).
• Adult and Child Ortho 50% up to $3,000
lifetime maximum ($1,500).
• There is a dental reward carryover from year to year
with dental rewards up to $250.
Dental Rewards
• You earn dental rewards by submitting at least one claim for
dental expenses incurred during the benefit plan year, while
staying under total claims $500 in the same year. The one
claim could be your preventive check-up.
• The annual carryover amount of $250 is added to the following
year’s maximum of $1200 the first year.
• Additional bonus of $100 is earned if you see a PPO provider.
• The accumulated maximum carryover amount is $1000.
5th Inning
NEW Vision Plan
• Separate plan and premium - no longer part of dental
• Now eligible to receive a vision exam every 12 months
• Up to $180 on frames or contacts (most lens options
are covered in full in network)
• Claims processed by the dental provider to Ameritas.
No reimbursement form to complete.
• $10 exam deductible and $10 Eye glass deductible
applied to lenses or frames
• Wide network - uses the VSP network of providers
• Ameritasgroup.com
2015 New Vision Plan Premiums
(FTE.7 or 28 hrs per week)
– EE Only $2.32 biweekly
– EE + Spouse $7.19 biweekly
– EE + Child(ren)$6.38 biweekly
– EE + Family $11.26 biweekly
6th Inning
New Vendor for Life &
Disability Insurance
• Moving the Life Insurance and Long-Term Disability
Insurance from Mutual of Omaha to Hartford Insurance
effective January 1, 2015.
• Same plan design
• No major changes for employees
• Note: If you didn’t enroll when initially benefit
eligible, you will need to complete a health statement
(EOI form) to obtain or change coverage.
7th Inning
401k Plan & Match
• Safe Harbor Match - 3% of annual salary each year without EE
• Immanuel match of 50 cents on the $ for the first 6% of EE
• Once in the plan—Always in the plan.
rehired—always eligible now.
So if an EE leaves and is
• Can change contributions at any time or discontinue if needed.
If you are able, be sure to take advantage of those match $$
and your future retirement!!
8th Inning
How to enroll for Benefits
• We are introducing a new online enrollment process this year.
benefit eligible employees will need to confirm their benefits if they
want to make changes or have their current benefit coverages continue
effective 1/1/2015.
• If you are uncomfortable using the computer or have questions,
we still have the option of the Call Center.
Benefit Call Center @ 877-282-0808
Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 4:00 pm CST
Deadline for Benefit Enrollment is
November 21st
No Action = No Insurance
Immanuel Benefits Website
To enroll you will log into www.immanuelbenefits.com and click on enroll now button
Employee Number: use your employee ID# (same as Relias number)
PIN: first initial of first and last name & last 4 digits of SSN Example—js1234
After reviewing the benefit screens, there will be a summary page with all your benefits
listed. Scroll down to the bottom and electronically sign with your “PIN” number.
9th Inning
• Wellness Reward Points for 2014-2015 Wellness Cycle are now 150
• If you do the Flexible Spending accounts for Dependent Day Care or
Health or Limited, you must reapply for calendar year 2015.
• All employees have a $1,000 Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement
policy with a $0 deductible paid by Immanuel.
• Employee Assistance Program – Up to 5 visits per person/per issue.
Plus Financial/Legal Referral
• Wellness Reimbursement on the cancer policy--$50 on the Low policy
and $100 on the High policy.
Outpatient physician reimbursement
on Accident policy--$25 on the Low policy and $50 on the High
• Immanuel provides tuition reimbursement for FT employees up to a
maximum of $3,000 per fiscal yr. and regular PT employees up to
a maximum of $1,500 per fiscal yr.
• Immanuel provides a Helping Hands Assistance Fund for those
employees in financial need.
• EVERY Benefit Eligible person must enroll or they will not have
insurance on 1/1/2015! Also, remember to enter your pin at the
bottom of the enrollment screen to confirm your enrollment.
• Questions – Contact your HR Manager or
You can reach us at [email protected]
• Some informational handouts are on the table.
Don’t forget to take a few
minutes to fill out the
Benefit Survey.
We appreciate your feedback.
Thank you.
You’re on Immanuel’s
winning team.
Thank you for coming to
the Benefits Ballgame!!
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