El Segundo Coverage Claims process


GoCare Warranty Group is the Premier provider of the iPad Insurance.

1 year Coverage at $54.00 and $55.00

Your coverage includes:

Accidental Damage

$50 Deductible

Damage from drops, cracks, liquid spills, liquid submersion

Unlimited repair claims

To file a claim:

Please Contact your El Segundo school representative:

Mr. Ali Rabiei El Segundo High School

(310) 615-2662 [email protected]

Extended Manufacturer Warranty

$50 Deductible

Mechanical or electrical failures

Technical Trouble shooting

Unlimited warranty claims

Discounted Replacement Program

$100 Deductible

Theft Coverage

Lost Coverage

Any mysterious Disappearance

Required Information

Please have the following information ready when you file your claim:

The serial number of your device.

The date and type of damage that occurred to the device.

Please provide as much information as possible. For example, “dropped device off desk and the screen is cracked. It seems to function normally otherwise.”

Please provide any detail if the device is water damager or repaired before

Please refer to the Terms and conditions of the coverage (especially for water damaged devices, lost or stolen)

Please file one claim for each device/incident

Please provide as much detailed information as possible on both the

incident and on the damage

Sign up for full coverage here: https://gocaregroup.com/elsegundo

Deadline to sign up is : October 31st