Ice Lenses at KAN-U, SW Greenland

Ice Lenses at KAN-U, SW Greenland
Credit: Karen Alley, University of Colorado
Credit: Babis Charalampidis, GEUS
KAN-U, Spring 2012
Credit: Horst Machguth, DTU
Summer 2012 Runoff Reaches KAN-U
LandSat-7: July 16th, 2012
5 km
• Runoff had never been witnessed this high on
the ice before
Watson River in early May
Credit: Karen Alley, Univ. Colorado
Watson River in July 2012
Credit: Marco Tedesco, CUNY
Mapping thick ice lenses with radar
5 km
GPR Transect
Ground Radar  IceBridge Radar
Credit: NASA
Perched Ice Layers across Greenland
• “Perched” ice layers ≥1.5 meters (~5 feet) thick appear along
much of Greenland’s interior coast
• Potentially rapid mechanism for increasing Greenland’s runoff
Poster Sessions and Talks
• C12B-01: Anders Bjørk, et. al, “110 years of local glacier and ice
cap changes in Central- and North East Greenland”
– Mon 10:20 – 10:35 am, Moscone West 3005
• C21B-0316: Mike MacFerrin, et. al, “Massive Perched Ice Layers in
the Shallow Firn of Greenland's Lower Accumulation Area Inhibit
Percolation and Enhance Runoff”
– Tues 8 am – 12:20 pm, Moscone West Poster Hall
• C21B-0335: Rick Forster, et. al, “Recent results on the Greenland
Aquifer from remote sensing and in situ measurements”
– Tues 8 am – 12:20 pm, Moscone West Poster Hall
• C51C-06: Lora Koenig, et. al, “Radar Detections of Buried
Supraglacial Lakes Across the Greenland Ice Sheet”
– Fri 9:15 – 9:30 am, Moscone West 3007
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