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Company Overview
May, 2013
For BMRG members
 SmartVault – why we exist!
 Key Benefits / Value Propositions
 Competitive Landscape
 Security & Data Privacy
 Integration strategy
SmartVault is…
Online document storage and secure file sharing
Share files securely
Access and manage docs
Store documents online
Stay in compliance
Right from your apps
Any time anywhere access
…for business
Two primary components to the service
Attach and view files right
from apps like QuickBooks
Full DMX capabilities – including document
storage and secure portal for sharing files
SmartVault was awarded a patent for its innovative Toolbar technology
Currently packaged together
SmartVault DMX base pricing, $19 - $99/month
How SmartVault Benefits…
Accountants in Public Practice
Meet compliance requirements, streamline
workflow, and service clients more
effectively in less time
 Simple, secure file sharing with clients
 Custom branded client portal to match look
and feel of brand and website
 Streamline workflow and provide better client
service with features like auto email alerts that
notify when files are uploaded or downloaded
 Anytime, anywhere access to files from your
computer, tablet or Smartphone
 Seamless QuickBooks integration transforms
workflow for outsourced accounting /
bookkeeping services
How SmartVault Benefits…
Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping Service Providers
Transform workflow, manage distributed
workforce, expand client base beyond zip
 Streamlined and compliant workflow – clients
upload source files to you and you can securely
share reports back with them
 Attach source files to entries in QuickBooks*
so clients are always “audit-ready” with
financial data and all source documents in one
central location
 Electronic Inbox integrated with scanner
converts paper to digital files instantly for
 Anytime, anywhere access to files from your
computer, tablet or Smartphone
*SmartVault supports QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online or hosted QuickBooks
How SmartVault Benefits…
QuickBooks End Users
Always “audit-ready”, central location for
all financial data and source files, secure
& compliant
 Attach source files to entries in QuickBooks* –
always ‘audit ready’ – one central repository for
all financial data and source documents
 Granular security permissions – mirrors
document security with data security controls in
 Online file storage and secure file sharing store all your files in SmartVault – not just
those associated with QuickBooks
 Secure offsite backup of all your documents –
access files anytime, anywhere from browser or
mobile device
 Electronic Inbox, great “scan to cloud”
experience – kicks off a paperless workflow
*SmartVault supports QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online or hosted QuickBooks
Quick compare
SmartVault versus QuickBooks Doc Center
Use QuickBooks if you…
Use SmartVault if you need…
 Are a sole practitioner or SMB
with 1 QB user
 Online document storage – offsite
back up of all docs, secure and
 Aren’t storing sensitive info (SSN,
credit card #) – docs stored in the
clear, no security / no encryption
 Granular security management Access and share files securely
 Don’t need to access or share
those docs
 QB backup / restore
(data file and attached docs) –
for sharing with accountant
(with your accountant or anyone else)
 Have a local back up option for
your docs
(docs stored locally are not included in backup)
 Have a QB backup solution
 Inbox and scanner wizards for easy
upload and attach directly to QB
 Store all docs, not just those
attached to QB
Competitive Landscape
In a crowded space, what makes us unique?
Cloud Drives
Business File Sharing
The good and not so good of a cloud drive
Free or nearly free…
Great for storing music, photos, personal files
Weak in security and management
Lacking business features and workflow
We’re alike and unique in the DMX space
Drive mapping
Full text search
Automated alerts
Outlook plug-in
Custom branded portal
Granular security permissions folder by folder
Audit / compliance reports
Preview file in browser without downloading
Access and manage files from apps you already use
(QuickBooks + Ecosystem of apps with SmartVault “Inside”)
SmartVault and Security
Security Practices
 SSAE 16 audited datacenters with a type 2 report
 PCI Compliant
 Authenticated login
 AES-256 bit SSL encryption to protect documents,
passwords and interactions with SmartVault
 At rest and in transit
 Full backups of system data daily
 Redundant, encrypted backups of documents and
metadata regularly backed up and stored offsite
Security is in
our DNA!
Eric Pulaski, founder and CEO
With over 25 years in
enterprise software
development, Eric has built a
world class development
Prior to SmartVault, Eric
founded Bindview Corp, a
leading internet security
company that he sold to
SmartVault’s engineering,
R&D and Quality Assurance
teams have deep
foundational knowledge and
expertise in the area of data
The power of central document storage – integrated into
apps and devices
Work the way YOU work
The power of central document storage
Accounting System
Contract scanned or
uploaded to
Customer Record in
CRM app
CEO views the contract
from his iPad
Accounting can access
from Customer Record
in Accounting System
for review/approval
Contract can be shared
securely with legal
Work the way YOU work
SmartVault “Inside” – seamless integration with apps
Sales guy attaches a
contract to a record in his
CRM system
Accounting can view the
same contract from the
financial system
Attach and view files directly from the application
Integration with financial apps….
QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Online
Attach and view source documents to entries in QuickBooks
Files are in one central location with financial data – always ‘audit-ready’
Control over who has access to what source file – mirrors data security
Secure offsite backup of documents
Electronic “Inbox” – scan and upload files to kick off a paperless workflow
Working from any location is essential
to growth for most businesses today
Upload and manage files securely
anytime and from anywhere
Get and send links to files
Email files as attachments
Search for files from your mobile just like you
can do from the portal
Upload photos to SmartVault (receipts or other
Enhanced PDF viewer in full-screen mode (great
for viewing PDFs and running slide shows right
from your tablet)
Native apps for iOS (iPad / iPhone)
Mobile support via WebDAV for Windows
and Android devices
Integrated Applications
(current active apps integrated with SmartVault)
Configure the Canon
Scanner to scan
directly to SmartVault
Attach and view docs
from MethodCRM
Set up custom
Sync documents to
QuickBooks & QBO
Attach & view
documents from
Results transactions
Sync documents to
Sync receipts & source
files to QuickBooks
Send, receive &
manage documents
securely inside
Upload email
attachments to
Send secure links to
files and folders
Request files from a
client or colleague
Save reports to a
folder in SmartVault
& securely share
with clients or
Apps that sync data
with QuickBooks
can now also sync the source
via SmartVault
Can also provide
/ store’ functionality inside
desktop & browser apps via the
SmartVault SDK & REST APIs
For current plans and pricing
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