New Embraceable
Platter and Dome
Platter and Dome
Holds Food and Paper
Food Container in Place
No Flat Lid on 8oz
Paper Food Container
Dome does
double duty!
Unique Design
• Locator ring in platter holds paper food container in
• Popular 8 ounce serving size used by many chains for
chili, oatmeal, grits, mac & cheese and much more
• Ring in lid helps keep solid or dense foods in paper
• Reduces costs with elimination of lid on paper
• Promotes combo meals to increase food sales
• Oval 11” x 8” platter offers a table-ready
presentation in an “easy-to-eat” low profile
• Shallow platter provides side visibility to food
contents when in grab ‘n go display
• Multiple food uses with or without paper
• Polypropylene base and lid can be used for hot
or a heat
of both hot
• or
lamps, warming
• Perfect for hot food to 230°F
• Use in any day-part: breakfast, lunch, or dinner
• Closure design of platter and dome is leak resistant
to prevent messy spills and easy-opening tabs
maintain the food presentation
• Clear anti-fog, vented lids keep food looking fresh
and appealing and eliminates order errors
• Platter and dome lid are made with recyclable
• Durable, cut-resistant bases are
made with renewable mineral
additives to reduce use of
petroleum based polypropylene
Nature’s Best™
resin up to 40% to keep costs to a
• Dishwasher safe providing
Platter and Dome
Oval PP Platter and PP Dome Lid – Part of 1100 Series
Same shape and size as “one2four” products
Straight packs: 250 per case; no combo pack
Paper food container is not sold by Anchor; white
containers and various stock prints readily available in
the market
• Many chains use branded paper food containers and
custom prints
• Dome lid does not allow use of plastic or paper lid on
paper food container
Food Container
• Embraceable platter holds 8 oz. SQUAT Paper Food
o Industry terms “squat” and “food container” define the correct product
o Standard size is 3 ¾” diameter x 2 3/8” depth
• Don’t confuse with other 8 oz. Paper Food
o Taller paper containers originally designed for ice cream with a higher set
bottom to prevent sag from heavy load
o Higher bottom requires deeper part for similar capacity
o Solo (Dart) Flexstyle is tall version and will not fit Embraceable platter &
• Don’t confuse with 8 oz. Paper Cup (angled sides)
o Paper “cup” is for beverages not chili, oatmeal, soup, etc.
o Paper cups are offered in single poly lined paper (inside) or PLA (inside) for
hot and double poly (2-sides) for cold applications
o Paper FOOD CONTAINERS are also available in single poly, PLA, and
double poly
Food Containers
• Polyethylene lined paper is not intended for use in
• PLA coated containers can be used in some food
applications in the microwave
• All food applications should be tested by the
operator for use with the “Embraceable” platter
and dome
• Anchor cannot warrant the use of any specific
paper food container or a specific food in our
plastic packages
• Not recommended for some soups as the ring in the
dome does not provide a leak resistant seal on the
paper container and some liquid may drip into the
Popular 8 oz. Paper
Food Container Part #
• Huhtamaki 6/8 oz. – 1,000 pack
o White 71273
o Streetside print 70308
o Bioware print (PLA) 76841
• International Paper (IP) – 1,000 pack (50/sleeve)
o White (Carte Blanc) DFR-8
o Champagne print DFRC-8
o Ecotainer print (PLA) DFRE-8
• Pactiv – 500 pack (25 per sleeve)
o White (Dopaco) DP15686
o Earth Choice print (PLA) PHSC-8EC
• Solo (Dart) – 1,000 pack (50/sleeve)
o White VS508-2050 (single poly), VS608-2050 (double poly)
o Symphony print VS508-J8000 (single poly), VS608-J8000 (double poly)
o Bare print (PLA) V508-JF522
Sales Tools
• Samples and Literature will ship wk. of
3/17/14 to Anchor Sales Team and
• Press Release: Monday, March 17,
2014 to all trade publications in key
market segments
• Advertisements:
o QSR February 2014
• Website Update:
o Products added to on-line catalog
o Sell sheet PDF and Ads added
Platter and Dome
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