Tracer 5

Tracer Quality Assurance and
Marketing ROI Solution
Automotive Market Overview
Over 20,000 auto dealerships
US new vehicle sales in 2007
were 16.1 million units*
*(Source: Autodata Corporation)
The national average of a
customer’s lifetime revenue
value is $175,000 (sales,
service, referrals, etc.)
Advertising expenses for the
average dealership in 2005
were over $350,000 *
*(Source: NADA Data)
• $118,790
• $63,585
• $70,410
Direct Mail
• $36,146
• $35,556
Market Smart, Manage Now
Is it money
well spent?
The Business Challenge
Advertising/marketing ROI relies on insight to
campaign effectiveness
Sales team call performance requires ongoing
evaluation to avoid critical and costly customer
service mistakes
Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores used by
manufacturers to determine inventory allocation,
dealer incentives, discount level, etc.
Market Smart, Manage Now
The Tracer Solution
Comprehensive marketing campaign reporting and
interaction management platform
Generate reports on every call (inbound/outbound,
local, long distance, toll-free)
Built-in, customizable reporting features pinpoint
where calls originated and from which campaign
Easy access to call recordings for evaluation,
training and dispute resolution
Marketing Benefits
Capture detailed caller
contact information to
enable more targeted
Gain insight into which
campaigns are working
and allocate marketing
resources more effectively
Drill down further to
actually hear calls and
gauge consumer response
Market Smart, Manage Now
Customer Satisfaction Benefits
Improve sales team performance
through call evaluation and
Real-time notification of abandoned
Live monitoring enables immediate
performance improvement
Eliminate phone abuse and
enhance employee productivity
Resolve service department
disputes and preserve dealership
Competitive Offerings
Who’s Calling
 Hosted
service offering (application is “in the
cloud”), dealer pays a monthly service fee
 Dealer gets the use of 800 numbers
 ANI/DNIS powered caller information
 Call recordings retained for last 30 days
 Average cost range of $1,000 - 3,000 month, may
also include a T-1 span line
Market Smart, Manage Now
Competitive Offerings
800 Response
 Offers
vanity 800 numbers, no local number
 Dealer does not own the number
 Numbers are area-specific (competitors can use the
same number in other locations)
 Limited call tracking reports
Market Smart, Manage Now
The Tracer Advantage
Captures data on every call (inbound/outbound, local, long
distance, toll-free), every lead is accounted for
Eliminate unexpected cost increases with flexible purchasing
Maintains a local area presence, versus impersonal 800
number approach
Call data stored securely “in-house”, not remotely alongside
competitor’s data
No time constraints for data storage, keep recordings as long
as desired
Unrivaled customer service and support network