project smart

• To provide enhanced delivery of
education to the students of PHS using
•To make classroom learning experience
more engaging and participative through
the aid of video, sound and interactive
delivery mode of classroom learning
•To use e-learning through the aid of smart
TV by next school year;
•To provide and install in every classroom
with smart TV.
How are we going to
accomplish it?
Through socialized contribution. This is
how we will do it:
Our need : 180 smart TV’s
43” smart TV = 17,000/unit
50” smart TV = 24,000/unit
How are we going to
accomplish it?
42” smart TV
17,000/unit x 180 units = 3,060,000
3,060,000 / 9,000 students = 340/student
340 / 6 months = 56.66 / month
57 / 4 weeks = 14.25/week
14.25 / 5 days = 2.85 or P3 /day
Target: P340/student within 6 months
How are we going to
accomplish it?
50” smart TV
24,000/unit x 180 units = 4,320,000
4,320,000 / 9,000 students = 480/student
480/ 6 months = 80 / month
80 / 4 weeks = 20/week
20 / 5 days = P4/day
Target: 480/student within 6 months
How are we going to
accomplish it?
Schedule a homeroom meeting before September
ends; coordinate and ask the assistance of your
Explain the objectives of our project and how we are
going to accomplish it;
Let them sign an agreement, do not force those who
don’t want to support and join in the project;
Let those who will join and support the project
decide when they’re going to give their contribution:
daily, weekly. monthly, or one time;
Never force anybody to give more than what they
can and willing to give;
As president, always encourage and motivate the
parents as stakeholders, to extend their support for
the benefit of the students
How about the safekeeping of
the fund?
Every month, each class shall turn over the collected fund to
the MPTA Treasure who will deposit it in our bank for
The fund must be accompanied by the complete list of name
and amount contributed, and shall be received by the MPTA
The treasurer shall issue an acknowledgment receipt to the
class president/or Treasurer;
Monthly Report of the collection for the project shall be
posted in our website for transparency and monitoring;
The report shall bear the following information:
Month of_________
Year & Section: ____________________
Total Class contribution:____________________